26.Report Writing Samples :  Students Thrash The Crew

By | December 15, 2020

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A brawl between students and a bus crew took an ugly shape. Students stoned the buses passing that way. Drivers left their buses on the road and created a traffic jam. Write a report. You are Ravi, the special correspondent.

Ans.                                                          STUDENTS THRASH THE CREW

(by Ravi, Special Correspondent)

Delhi, 12 August. A brawl between the students and the bus crew took an ugly shape. A bus hit and injured a college girl near Khalsa College. The driver had tried to jump the red light. The students forced the driver to stop and demanded an apology from the crew but they started abusing them. The students beat the crew up and started stoning other buses. Other drivers left their buses and created a traffic jam. The police arrived and tried to settle the matter. At first, the driver of the bus was adamant but then he apologised to the students. Within twenty minutes the other drivers drove away their buses and normal movement of traffic resumed. The crowd dispersed and the traffic was smooth once again. Everybody appreciated the role of the police. 29. Unprecedented security arrangements turned Delhi into a fortress for August 15.

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