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159. Short Essay and Article on : Cleaning and Rejuvenating the Ganga


Taking help from the verbal input given below along with your own views, write an article on ‘Cleaning and Rejuvenating the Ganga’. You are Nikhil/Neha.

Hints:  • Cleaning the Ganga • an unprecedented national social effort • Govt. committed to clean and rejuvenate the Ganga • SC not satisfied • a time bond proposal to fulfil the mission • inland waterways • river navigation • extending sewerage infrastructure • prevent open defecation • restoring wholesomeness of the Ganga • development of ghats • Zero liquid discharge by industries • provisions for public amenities for pilgrims and tourists.

Ans.                                      Cleaning and Rejuvenating the Ganga                                                                                    

— Nikhil/Neha

The Ganga is not pretty a river for all the Indians and more particularly to the Hindus, but it is the lifeline of India and the physical and spiritual nourisher of crores of its people. It is a symbol of India’s great heritage, ancient traditions, cultures, songs and stories. We can’t think of India without the Ganga and the Himalayas. Unfortunately, the sacred Ganga has become one of the most polluted rivers of the world in recent years. Fortunately, the Modi government has shown its commitment to clean and rejuvenate the Ganga. Uma Bharti heads a specially created ministry for cleaning the holy river. Cleaning the Ganga will be an unprecedented national social effort. What makes the Ganga a heavily polluted river? Various factors and causes contribute to making the river what it is. The worst criminals are more than one thousand industries that discharge their toxic wastes into the river. The government will have to take strict measures to treat solid and liquid discharges making them totally pollution-free. The sewerage infrastructure will have to be extended and updated. The people residing on the banks will be involved and enlightened. Burning and throwing of dead bodies into the river must be stopped. Open defecation on the banks will have to be stopped.

Development of ghats at Kedarnath, Haridwar, Varanasi, Kanpur, Allahabad and Patna is an important feature of the plan. Provisions for public amenities for pilgrims and tourists will be made. Inland waterways river navigation will be another priority.

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