SME Full-Form | What is the Definition OF SMP

By | May 19, 2023
SME Full-Form | What is Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

Edumantra has the best explained Full form of SME. Take advantage of freely available SME full form at our website. Remain full of knowledge of SME meaning. We would like to tell that the full form of SME is Simple Medium Enterprise.


SME Full-Form, meaning, definition

What is SME? When this question comes in your mind and you are going to Google it because you don’t know the SME meaning.

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SME Full-Form | What is  Small Medium Enterprise (SME)

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It stands for Small Medium Enterprise or enterprises.

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SME stands for different meaning which is Small Marketing Executive or Small Marketing Engineer which is coming under in job title category.

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It also stands for Subject Matter Expert which is also a title of a job position in the company.

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In the USA, SME is the name of a company which is for Systems Management Enterprises, Inc which is an IT and security company.

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