BMS Full-Form | What is BMS

By | April 28, 2023

We have tried to explain BMS Full Form. These days full forms are asked in most of the competitions, so know the Full Form of BMS and be full of knowledge. Your answer for what is the full form of BMS is well answered. Additionally we would like to tell that the full form of BMS is Bachelor of Management Studies.

BMS — Bachelor of Management Studies

BMS Full-Form refers to the Bachelor of Management Studies. BMS is an undergraduate program for the purposes of management studies provided by many colleges and universities across the globe. It stands for Bachelor of Management Studies and provides students the opportunity to obtain skills and knowledge required to discharge managerial functions in organizations Management studies programmes facilitate students with a strong foundation in human resource management and organizational behaviour while electives in conflict resolution, negotiation, labour-management relations, organizational development, and compensation systems that enable students to develop deep knowledge in particular areas of interest.

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Additionally, it also equips you with the understanding as to how a typical organization works and is managed and how much essential it is to maintain interaction with regional and international environments. The programme covers a wide variety of core business disciplines such as Finance, Business Law, Information Management, Operations Management, Human Resource Management, Organization Behaviour, Marketing, Accounting, and Micro Economics.

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In India, the EMS course runs for a period of three years, which are further divided into six semesters comprising theoretical and practical sessions. The minimum eligibility criterion for a BMS course is the successful qualification of a Higher Secondary Examination or Intermediate examination and securing of minimum aggregate 45 per cent marks in the examination

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There are colleges and universities that conduct their own entrance examination for the same, however. mostly, the students are admitted to the courses on the basis of merit.

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The performance of the students is evaluated in two distinct components, namely, Internal Assessment which tames 25 per cent masks and End Semester Examinations which carry 75 per cent examination The Student must obtain at least 40 per cent in aggregate m every course and should have passed both the Internal Assessments and End Semester examinations together.

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A minimum grade of E is needed to successfully pass the examination.

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