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Dialogue Writing in English Format, Examples & Topics


Dialogue is an important form of oral communication. Through dialogues, we can get more information and can express our views on the questions in hand.


  1. Pay full attention to the speaker who asks you a question.
  2. You should be acquainted with the person with whom you are in conversation.
  3. Be acquainted with your own self. Be honest in your answers.
  4. Be brief and to the point in your answers.
  5. In asking questions, you should be particular about the thrust of the question, i.e. you should be clear which type of information you wish to seek.
  6. Use the same tense in the answer as is used in the question and vice versa.
  7. Proper respect must be paid to the person who asks you questions. For example, if your teacher, principal or any other senior asks you a question, use such words as show your respect-Sir. Madam.

These dialogue writing examples in English  include dialogues between two friends and these examples also include english conversation between two people in pdf and much more. Go through these dialogue writing exercises for a real touch of conversation-    

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