Dialogue Completion Exercises with Answers Exercise- 11

By | October 6, 2017

Dialogue Completion Exercises

If you are thinking how to write a dialogue in a story, what is a dialogue or how to write a conversation in a book, you are at a right place. Here you will find easy English conversation dialogues, spoken English conversation, short dialogue writing examples topics, Here you will learn to write dialogue in a sentence. These Exercises may be considered as- sentence completion test. At the end of the page complete the sentence worksheets and Assignments for CBSE are also given in PDF version which is printable. The following exercises are based on simple English speaking conversation  and everyday English conversation. The following short dialogues in English and English conversation practice is going to be immensely helpful to you. These dialogue writing Exercises are especially designed for class 6, 7 & 8.


 Read the following conversation and complete the dialogues by choosing the correct options.

Saurabh:  (1. 1) ……………………………..

Aditya :    No, I missed the opportunity. What was the attraction of the exhibition ?

Saurabh:  (1.2) ……. ……………..

Aditya :   Oh no ! I wanted to buy some original children literature. Were Hindi translations of best sellers, available ?

Saurabh:  (1.3)……………….  . There was a separate stall.

Aditya :    (1.4) ………………… .

Saurabh:  Yes, it is an annual feature. Don’t miss it the next time.

Aditya :  No, definitely not.

1.1       (a) Have you visited the World Book Fair ?   (b) Did you visit the World Book Fair ?

(c) Could you visit the World Book Fair ?     (d) Will you visit the World Book Fair ?

1.2       (a) Books on children literature.                    (b) Science fiction.

(c) The latest edition of Ask Me Why series. (d) separate stall for Hindi Classics only.

1.3      (a) of course, There was no dearth.                 (b) Not many

(c) Just some of them.                                        (d) Yes, many of them.

1.4      (a) Will this be every year s activity ?

(b) Will the Book Fair be held sometime later again ?

(c) Will it be held next year also ?

(d) Have I missed this opportunity forever ?

Answers-         1.1  (b) Did you visit the World Book Fair ?

1.2  (a) Books on children literature.

1.3  (d) Yes, many of them.

1.4  (c) Will it be held next year also ?

 Download the above exercise in PDF (Printable Version)

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