Dialogue Completion Exercises with Answers Exercise- 7 & 8

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Dialogue Completion Exercises

If you are thinking how to write a dialogue in a story, what is a dialogue or how to write a conversation in a book, you are at a right place. Here you will find easy English conversation dialogues, spoken English conversation, short dialogue writing examples topics, Here you will learn to write dialogue in a sentence. These Exercises may be considered as- sentence completion test. At the end of the page complete the sentence worksheets and Assignments for CBSE are also given in PDF version which is printable. The following exercises are based on simple English speaking conversation  and everyday English conversation. The following short dialogues in English and English conversation practice is going to be immensely helpful to you. These dialogue writing Exercises are especially designed for class 6, 7 & 8.


Preeti :            (a)…………………   breakfast, today ?

Mother:          Butter toasts and milk.

Preeti :           But mamma, you know (b)………………..  Why don’t you ever prepare it for me?

Mother:          Dear, nobody else in the family likes porridge. I have to take care of everyone.

Preeti :            Oh. I understand. By the way, (c)…………….. . Has he gone somewhere so early in the morning?

Mother:          Yes. Dad has gone to the temple. You know, he is on fast today.

 Preeti :           (d) ……………………  fast, mamma ?

 Mother:         Keeping fast improves our digestive system. Moreover, it also enhances our will powers.

Preeti :            Oh. I see. I too will try some day.


Answers.        (a) What have you prepared for the

(b) I like porridge very much

(c) dad is not around here, anywhere

(d) Why do people keep.

Download the above exercise in PDF (Printable Version)


Complete the dialogue given below in a suitable way. Write your answers in the space provided.

 Anita :           Hello Abhishek! Where (a)……………..  from ?

Abhishek :      Hello! I have just been to the railway station (b)…………………   for my father for Delhi.

Anita :            (c)……………..   to Delhi ?

Abhishek :      On the 18th

Abhishek :      My sister told me that (d) ………………. .

Anita :            Yes, but not now, perhaps in May. I have an interview to be faced.

 Abhishek :     All the best then !

Answer.         ( a) are you coming

  1.                 (b)  to buy a ticket
  2.                 (c) When will he be going
  3.                 (d) you too, have to go to Delhi.

Download the above exercise in PDF (Printable Version) 

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