Dialogue Writing in English Examples & Exercises- 33 & 34

Dialogue Writing in English Examples & Exercises


Question- Vipin meets his childhood friend, Milan, by chance at the local bus stand. Both of them are busy in conversation. Write the conversation in about 100 words.


Vipin: Hey, is it Milan I’m meeting?

Milan: Is there any doubt? No.

Vipin: But where have you been all this time?

Milan: My father had been transferred to Mumbai.

Vipin: Why didn’t you inform me?

Milan: It was at a very short notice.

Vipin: In which school did you get admission?

Milan: Little Columbus.

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Question- Ankit went to see the latest film. His sister Ramita asks him some questions. Write the dialogue in about 80 words:


Ramita: Which film did you see?

Ankit: I saw Avtaar.

Ramita: In which cinema hall?

Ankit: It is at Dream Land Cinema hall.

Ramita: Is it an interesting film?

Ankit: Of course.

Ramita: Were you alone?

Ankit: How can you believe so? I was with Rohan.

Ramita: Who paid for the tickets?

Ankit: It was contributory.

Ramita: Would you like to see this film again?

Ankit: O, sure, if you give me money this time.

Ramita: How many times can you see it?

Ankit: It depends on how many times you finance?

Ramita: But I have only limited resources. Why don’t you ask Papa?

AnkitBut who is going to bell the cat? I am not so foolish.

Download the above Dialogue Writing in PDF (Printable)

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