Dialogue Completion Exercises with Answers Exercise- 1 & 2

By | October 6, 2017

Dialogue Completion Exercises

If you are thinking how to write a dialogue in a story, what is a dialogue or how to write a conversation in a book, you are at a right place. Here you will find easy English conversation dialogues, spoken English conversation, short dialogue writing examples topics, Here you will learn to write dialogue in a sentence. These Exercises may be considered as- sentence completion test. At the end of the page complete the sentence worksheets and Assignments for CBSE are also given in PDF version which is printable. The following exercises are based on simple English speaking conversation  and everyday English conversation. The following short dialogues in English and English conversation practice is going to be immensely helpful to you. These dialogue writing Exercises are especially designed for class 6, 7 & 8.


Complete the dialogues given below in a suitable way. Write the answers against the correct blank numbers. Do not copy the whole sentence.

Sameer had to catch a train to go to attend an interview in Chandigarh, but he reached the station late due to traffic jam on roads and so he could not buy a ticket and boarded the train as the train was about to leave. Read the conversation between Sameer and the ticket-checker and complete it in a suitable way.

 Ticket Checker :       (a)………………………………?

Sameer:                       I am sorry, I don’t have one.

Ticket Checker:         Travelling without ticket ? Don’t you (b)  ………………………?

Sameer:                      Yes sir, I do know that. But you see (c) ……………….  and so I had to board the train without a ticket. Won’t you (d)  ………………..?

Ticket Checker:         Yes I can make a ticket, but you have to pay a fine of Rs. Mil- along with the fare.

Sameer:                      No problem sir, here is the money.

Ticket Checker:         That’s all right, but be careful in future. :

 Sameer :                    I will, sir. Definitely.

Answer- 1. (a) Will you please show me your ticket

(b) know that it is a crime.

(c) when I reached the station, the train was about to leave

(d) make me a ticket, please.

Download the above exercise in PDF (Printable Version)


Mr. Mehta wanted to buy a suitable family car. So, one fine morning he went to a showroom to have a look at the various options available and to decide on the variant that most suited him and his family. Read the conversation between Mr Mehta and the sales representative and complete the dialogue in a suitable way.

Sales Representative:            Welcome sir. Please have a seat.

Mr. Mehta :                                  Thank you very much. I am (a)……………   family car.

Sales Representative :           Very well, sir. But first of all (b)………………. We deal in the country’s most favoured brand Yakuti a and we have a number of options that may suit you.

Mr. Mehta :                                 Well, my budget is between 4 and 5 lacs.

Sales Representative :          Also, please let us know( c)…………… .

Mr. Mehta :                                We are four, my wife, two daughters and I and we want a petrol car not  diesel one.

Sales Representative :           (Showing a brochure) Sir, I Would recommend you our best seller brand ‘Glitz’.

Mr. Mehta :                                  (d)…………………………..?

Sales Representative:            It has the most advanced engine that gives a good mileage and all the features like, power steering, power windows, airbags and comfortable design and space.

Mr. Mehta :                                That’s fine. Please give me this brochure and I will discuss the details with my wife and we will together visit you tomorrow.

Sales Representative :          Very well sir. You are welcome.


Answers- 2.    (a) interested in buying

(b) please tell me your budget

(c) how many members there are in your family?

(d) Why do you suggest me this brand of car?

Download the above exercise in PDF (Printable Version)


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