Story Writing Solved Example- Be wise to Eat

By | September 10, 2017

The following solved example of story writing as per cbse syllabus for classes9 and 10 will help you to understand the required terms for story writing. This CBSE story sample for kids is also entertaining. The prompt or the question may be taken as worksheet.



Write a story explaining how your friend falls into the trap of unhygienic conditions which result to a state of food poisoning later. Went to model town – both were hungry – decided to eat something from stalls – filthy and unhygienic state of stalls – despite all this- friend ordered a plate of noodles – later – at night – stomach ache – learned to be wise -eating at hygienic places.

Answer-                                             Be wise to Eat

Ans. Ramesh and Anju were sightseeing along Model Town. They had never been there, so they thought it would be an experience just walking down its streets. It had been four hours since their breakfast and Ramesh was hungry. Ha saw a simple corner coffee shop at the end of the street. He quickly pulled Anju along to have their lunch there. Anju was famished too. So she followed Ramesh to the coffee shop.  When they got there, something about the place made Anju change her mind about eating there. The stalls were in a filthy state. The floors were dirty and there was a foul odour about the place. Even though Anju was hungry, she would rather eat at a cleaner place. She told Ramesh that it was not a wise idea to eat there but Ramesh was too hungry to listen to her. He ordered a plate of vegetarian noodles and sat down to what he thought was a hearty meal. Anju looked on worriedly.

That night Ramesh felt as if his stomach was turned inside out. He could not stop vomiting. Anju knew it was bound to happen. So she took Ramesh to their family doctor. Ramesh was wiser after the incident. He knew then how important it is to eat at hygienic places.


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