72.Short Essay and Article on How to write effectively?

By | July 14, 2018

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 Writing is a powerful tool for communication. You are the President of the Literary Society of the school. Using the hints given below, together with your own ideas, write an article for your school magazine in 100-120 words on ‘How to write effectively?’.        

Writing – an important skill – good writing, good ideas – exercise-your imagination – organize thoughts and ideas — write with clarity – effectively – about things that interest you.

Ans.                                                               How to write effectively?

Writing is an important skill. It consists of good- ideas coherently written with suitably employed of imagination. The thoughts and ideas should be organized and written with clarity so that the meaning becomes clear to the reader. The words should be chosen wisely to convey the accurate meaning. The writer should be clear in mind as to what he is writing. Only then the meaning is clear. In order to make the writing effective, it must be interesting. The written composition must be full of an element of awe for the reader only then the interest will be maintained and the reader will go on to read. A good writer will be considered good if the reader gets complete meaning out of it. It is an art acquired with patience and practice.

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