119.Short Essay and Article on: A Facelift Of Delhi

By | July 15, 2021
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Commonwealth Games were held in Delhi in 2010. Improvement activities were going on. Flyovers, underpasses, footbridges were constructed. The widening of roads was going on. Delhi already has many tastefully constructed malls and shopping complexes. In fact, Delhi was given a facelift. Write an article to be published in a daily.

Ans.                                                                      A FACELIFT OF DELHI

Commonwealth Games were held in Delhi in 2010. Delhi was given a facelift to make it a world-class city. Thus, Delhi is lucky to have first-rate transport facilities, wide and beautified roads, huge parking space, air-conditioned shopping complexes and spick and span markets.

The government had undertaken projects on a war-footing to get all ready for the big event in 2010. The Metro Rail was extended to touch each nook and corner. New flyovers, underpasses and footbridges were constructed to make the city decongested. It was done to avoid traffic snarls. Connaught Place was rejuvenated. Chandni Chowk was minus rickshaws and slow-moving traffic. Malls, shopping complexes and air-conditioned markets came up. Modem Delhi could be the envy of Bangkok and Tokyo.

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