118. Short Essay and Article on : ‘Good Manners’

Good manners are the backbone of our society. Man is a social animal and he needs society to live peacefully and comfortably and for this, etiquettes and good manners are a must. The foundation of good manners lies in showing consideration and respect for the feelings of others. Write an article on ‘Good Manners’.

Ans.                                                                    GOOD MANNERS

Good manners are the backbone of any civilized society. Good behaviour, sympathy, politeness, kindness and obeying the rules and regulations of society fall under the purview of good manners. It is the philosophy of ‘live and let live’. Man cannot live in solitude and he needs society. To live peacefully and comfortably he must have good manners. Good manners mean due consideration and respect for the feelings of others.

A well-mannered person is tolerant and he never minds small bitterness and inconveniences. Good manners cost nothing but they repay much. Their display converts enmity into friendship and jealousy into hugs. They create a congenial atmosphere everywhere. They are learnt through interaction and during the early years of education. They place a man on the high pedestal of maturity. Some feel they are the signs of helplessness and weakness. It is a wrong conception. In fact, a well-mannered person can get things done even in most difficult situations.

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