One Word Substitution Dictionary Denoting : Certain Characteristics

By | May 16, 2019

To learn English language one-word substitution dictionary is very helpful. Here we are providing one-word substitution pdf download based upon Certain Characteristics. It can act as one-word names for companies. Find these one word online that act as a one-word game and appreciate


One who looks to the bright side of things          optimist

One who looks on the dark side of things           pessimist

One who devotes his service or Wealth for the love of mankind                                                                                                                philanthropist

One who walks in his sleep                                      somnambulist                        

One who devotes his life to the Welfare and interests of other people                                                                                                     altruist

One who dies for a noble cause                                                                                                                                                                               martyr

 One who retires from society to live a solitary life   

                                                                                            recluse, hermit

One who engages in any pursuit for the love of it and not for the gain                                                                                                   amateur

 One who feeds on fruits                                          fruitarian

 One who eats no animal flesh                               vegetarian

 One who feeds on human flesh                            cannibal

 One who journeys on foot                                     pedestrian

 One versed in many languages                           linguist

A messenger sent in great haste                         courier

 A hater of marriage                                               misogamist

 A hater of women                                                  misogynist

 One who kills political figures                         assassin

A woman with light-coloured hair                  blonde

 One who shoots with bows and arrows        archer

 One who fishes with a rod                                 angler

Download the above One Word Substitution Dictionary in PDF 

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