One Word Substitution Dictionary Denoting : Professions or Trades

By | May 16, 2019

To learn the English language one-word substitution dictionary is very helpful. Here we are providing one-word substitution pdf download based upon Professions or Trades. It can act as one-word names for companies. Find these one word online that act as the one-word game and appreciate


One who attends to the diseases of the eye                               oculist

One who attends to sick people and prescribes medicines physician

One who attends to the teeth                                                          dentist

One who drives a motor-car                                                           chauffeur

One who carves in the stone                                                           sculptor

One who deals in flowers                                                                 florist

One who makes and sells ladies hats                                           milliner

A professional rider in horse races                                               jockey

One who studies rocks and soils                                                     geologist

One who studies the stars                                                                  ronomer

One who foretells things by the stars                                            astrologer

 One who flies an aeroplane                                                               pilot, aviator

One who cleans the street                                                                   scavenger

One who makes pots, cups etc.                                                         potter

The person in charge of a library                                                    librarian

 One who sells articles at public sales                                           auctioneer

One who writes poetry                                                                        poet

One who writes novels                                                                        novelist

Download the above One Word Substitution Dictionary in PDF 

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