Reading Skills Comprehension Test Exercises (XI& XII)

Reading Skills get sharpened through unseen passage reading comprehension test so we are providing reading comprehension exercises with answers. Going through these reading comprehension passages with multiple choice questions will really help you to solve reading comprehension questions. We provide simple comprehension passages with questions and answers which have value based questions. These unseen comprehension passages are really helpful to all. Go through this reading comprehension pdf and reading passage worksheets to learn English.

Passage No.1.DEMOCRATIC POLITY (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-2. BOOKSHOP (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-3.SCIENTISTS (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This scientists essayis all about scientists facts including scientists meaning. There are many scientists from India who made scientists inventions. These are inspiring scientists for kids. Find this scientists biography and read about scientists experiments to celebrate scientists day.

Passage No-4.INDIAN OCEAN (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage is all about Indian Ocean facts which describe Indian Ocean trade also. Go through and gain knowledge

Passage No-5. Trees (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This trees essay is all about trees for life and trees uses. Trees topic is a widely read topic. You can inspire people through this trees speech for tree plantation. Take trees English challenge. 

Passage No-6. THERAPEUTIC VALUE (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-7. MANALI (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved

Passage No-8.THE PROCESS OF AGEING (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-9.EDUCATION (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This education article gives education definition focusing on education for life. This education paragraph defines the education system in India. So this is the education system in India essay. Read this education essay and learn education meaning.

Passage No-10.TELEVISION (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This television essay provides a nice television definition and gives real television meaning. This television paragraph also includes a little television history focusing on television invention. Find television disadvantages in this television writing. Salute to television inventor Philo Taylor Farnsworth.

Passage No- 11 Skilling India: The Way Ahead (550 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No-12.REMAND HOME (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-13. CHILD LABOUR (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This child labour article in English is all about child labour in India and describes child labour facts in India including some child labour causes. This child labour essay in English sets child labour definition. This child labour essay sets some child labour examples. This child labour paragraph describes child labour meaning and gives nice child labour introduction. Read this child labour speech and learn child labour effects.

Passage No-14. MANBHARI (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-15. COMPACT (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage is all about compact meaning. Read and learn about compact meaning.

Passage No-16. CONTRAPTION (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No- 17 ADOPTION (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This adoption essay is a complete adoption definition including adoption meaning. It also tells adoption meaning in English including adoption expenses and adoption facts

Passage No- 18 Man vs Nature (700 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-19 School (700 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This school essay is all about school notice. Go through and gain knowledge. 

Passage No.20  Soccer (600 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage No-21.CHOPSTICKS (350 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-22.Don’t be snobbish! Teach your folks the latest technology(600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-23. SHAKESPEARE (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This Shakespeare biography is all about Shakespeare plays.  These Shakespeare notes focus on Shakespeare education and  Shakespeare early life. He is famous for Shakespeare quotes, Shakespeare drama and Shakespeare sonnets including some Shakespeare tragedy plays. Go through the passage and learn about Shakespeare poems as well as Shakespeare poetry.

Passage No-24.HEALTH CARE SYSTEM (800 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-25.BOARDERS (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-26.BUSINESS ENVIRONMENT(650 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

These business environment notes are all about business environment meaning. Read and do business environment analysis. Find what is really business environment meaning.

Passage No-27.YOGA(600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This yoga essay is all about yoga health benefits. This can be used as yoga speech because it tells yoga meaning. This yoga education passage tells yoga history and the importance of yoga for kids. That’s why we celebrate yoga day of 21st June. Learn about yoga health.

Passage No-28. HIGH SCHOOL RESULTS (800 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-29.QUALIFIED YOUNGSTERS (650 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No. 30 EMANCIPATION OF WOMEN (700 Words Subjective Solved)
Passage No.31 A FACE IN THE NIGHT (550 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No.32 Fascination  (550 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage No-33.A NEWBORN (800 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No.34 TREES (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage is a fine trees essay in English. Here we shall discuss trees topic including trees sentence and trees lines. This could be a fine trees speech also.

Passage No-35.ADVERTISEMENT(550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This advertisement definition is all about advertisement in English. Read this advertisement essay to learn advertisement analysis and find advertisement advantages as well as advertisement effectiveness. This will give some advertisement ideas including advertisement lines. This advertisement letter will give you advertisement topics.

Passage No.-36 SOCIETY IS CHANGING (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved

Passage No.37-CLAY (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage is all about clay meaning. Find this clay definition and think about clay art.

Passage No.38 INTERNATIONAL DAY(500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No.39 Memes – The New Web Lingo (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No.40 HOW TO BLOOM win’ HEALTH (600 Words Objective Solved)

Passage No-41 VISITORS (650 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage is all about visitors meaning which describes the importance of visitors.

Passage No.42  ELEMENTS (600 Words Objective Unsolved)

This passage is a fine elements definition which describes elements types specially.

Passage No- 43. BOUNCERS (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage is all about bouncers meaning. Read and learn about bouncers meaning.

Passage No-44. JAMAICAN (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-45. VEGETATION (800 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage focuses on vegetation meaning. Read and find facts about the vegetation of India.

Passage No. 46  INSECTS (500 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage is all about insects facts which describe insects meaning and insects types. You will learn different insects names and insects for kids.

Passage No-47 BUS (650 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-48.CHILDHOOD (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This childhood essay sets up a nice childhood definition. Read and find out real childhood meaning. Read this childhood education article and be lost in the childhood story.

Passage No. 49  PIGEONS (550 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage No-50  Journey with confidence and Viveka (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-51. JEWELLERY SHOP(600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-52. INSIGNIFICANT (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage is all about insignificant meaning. Read and find out about insignificant define.

Passage No-53.WORK (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage is all about work management which tells the real work meaning. Read and get real work motivation.

Passage No.54 NAINITAL—NEARING ITS DOOMSDAY ? (600 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage No- 55.DUCKS, DOVES AND PIGEONS (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No.56 SECOND SIGHT (600 Words Objective Solved)

Passage No-57.FAITH (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage describes faith meaning in English. This can be found through faith stories but reading passages are also a good choice.

Passage No-58. BISMILLAH KHAN (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage is a fine Bismillah khan biography. Read and learn about the great personality.

Passage No-59.CULTURE (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This culture essay sets up a nice culture definition and gives you a true culture meaning. Read and find out the real connection between culture and education.

Passage No-60. GOLDEN AGE OF ANIMATION (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-61. Remember (650 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-62. Mudstone (650 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-63. Stress Buster (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage tells you stress buster meaning. Read and get benefitted.

Passage No-64. Anandi Bai (700 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-65. Doctor (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This doctor essay is all about finding doctor meaning. Read and go for doctor English.

Passage No-66. Forests of Chhattisgarh (650 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-67. Republic Day (650 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This republic day essay in English is all about republic day of India. Read this republic day paragraph which can be used as republic day English speech and republic day article.

Passage No-68. Warm Windy Evening (700 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-69. Panther (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage is all about panther meaning. Read and do a panther analysis.

Passage No-70. Record-Breaking Innings (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-71. A system of Education (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-72. Friendship (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This friendship essay in English describes friendship meaning. Read this friendship paragraph on friendship topic to get great friendship note.

Passage No-73. Value of Mentor (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-74. Zakir Hussain (500 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-75. Forest Rights Act (750 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No-76. Artist Arpita Singh (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No. 77 ACHIEVEMENT (700 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is an achievement essay including some achievement examples. This achievement definition can act as achievement speech also.

Passage No.78 HABITS (600 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

This passage is all about habits meaning. There are habits good and bad but we are discussing the habits of successful people. 

Passage No.79 A Sleepy Little Town (530 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No.80 Greatest Olympic Prize (570 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage No.81 A Wrong Man In Workers’ Paradise (660 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage No.82 Gulliver In Lilliput (550 Words Subjective Solved) 

Passage No.83 OF BULLET TRAINS AND JAPANESE MANNERS  (505 words Subjective Solved)

This passage is all about bullet trains facts. It focuses on bullet trains in Japan and additionally it covers up bullet trains Japan speed and some bullet trains Japan facts.

Passage No. 84 Villages Fairs  (520 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No.85 TITAN AND THE ORIGIN OF LIFE (558 words Subjective Solved)

Passage No-86. FOOD WASTAGE AT WEDDINGS (500 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No-87. Can school bags be made lighter? (700 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No-88. OUR PASSION (550 Words Subjective Solved)

This passion essay is all about passion meaning. Read and be passionate.

Passage No-89. PUNCTUALITY (600 Words Subjective Solved)

This punctuality essay gives you a nice punctuality definition which can also be used as punctuality speech. Read and learn real punctuality meaning.

Passage No-90. INVENTION OF COMPUTERS (550 Words Subjective Solved)

This computers essay is all about computer knowledge. Read and gain knowledge about computer.

Passage No-91. Social Policies (500 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No-92. Resolutions (550 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is all about resolutions meaning. Read and be resolute.

Passage No-93. Block of Flat (500 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No-94. Travelling (500 Words Subjective Solved)

This travelling essay is all about travelling meaning. Read and learn about travelling and be a nice traveller.

Passage No-95. Fear (500 Words Subjective Solved)

This fear essay is all about fear of meaning. Read and find out the fear definition to overcome your fear.

Passage No-96. Starvation (600 Words Subjective Solved)

This starvation definition is all about starvation causes. Read and gain knowledge about starvation meaning.

Passage No-97. Brave Mountaineer (500 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No.98 Mother (535 Words Subjective/Objective  Solved)

This passage is a great mother essay in English. This Mother essay describes mother care in relation to mother and child or mother and baby with mother love.

Passage No-99. Role of Business Schools (800 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No-100. Therapeutic Value (750 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No-101. Love and Affection (750 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage is all about love and affection meaning. Read and be a great lover of anything or anyone.

Passage No-102. Livelihood (800 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage is all about livelihood meaning which sets up a nice livelihood definition. Read and the facts about livelihood.

Passage No-103. Rocket (850 Words Subjective Unsolved)

Passage No-104. Pollution (800 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This pollution essay in English is all about pollution and its type which sets up a nice pollution definition focusing on pollution in India. This pollution topic in English can also be used as pollution speech. Read it and find a pollution solution to remove pollution environment. Read pollution facts and create pollution article

Passage No-105. Increasing Pressure of Population (750 Words Subjective Unsolved)

This passage focuses on population meaning including population problem because there is a lot of population pressure.

Passage No.106 Style (507 Words Subjective/Objective Unsolved)

Passage No.107 Adapt! Adapt ! (593 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No.108 Alone In The Atlantic Ocean (646 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No.109 The Plight of Remand Homes (693 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)

Passage No.110 Excursion (622 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is all about the excursion. It describes excursion meaning like excursion trip uses excursion car. You will know much about excursion school and excursion holidays.

Passage No.111 My Experience (622 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No.112 Making It To Hospital (655 Words  Subjective Solved)

Passage No-113. A headache (700 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No-114. The Conquest of Nature (550 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No-115. Democratic Countries (500 Words Subjective Solved)

This passage is all about democratic countries meaning. Read and understand.

Passage No-116. Amassing Possessions (500 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No-117. The Great Wall of China (500 Words Subjective Solved)

This great wall of China article is all about the great wall of China history. Read this the great wall of china essay and find the great wall of China information. It includes a great wall of China facts also.

Passage No.118 Chocolate (550 Words objective unsolved)

This passage describes chocolate benefits including chocolate nutrition and chocolate processing. Chocolate brown is widely used these days so chocolate gift has become so common. chocolate day is also celebrated. Read and know more about chocolate colour.

Passage No-119. Telephone (650 Words Subjective Solved)

Passage No- 120 Instant Food (650 Words Subjective/Objective Unsolved)

Passage No.121 Village Fairs (523Words  Subjective and Objective Solved)

Passage No.122  Oats Traditionally Fed (700 Words Subjective/Objective Unsolved)

Passage No.123 Journey with Confidence and Viveka (550 Words Subjective/Objective Solved)