Class-10 Passage-110 HOW TO BLOOM win’ HEALTH (600 Words Objective Solved)

By | May 10, 2018

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            HOW TO BLOOM win’ HEALTH

  Read the given passage carefully :

  1. Certain foods can rejuvenate and activate the body, inducing even stable mental health and the advisory positions about the remarkable healing power of food. To recognize.   isolate and increase the intake of foods that have large amounts of disease fighting antioxidants, to identify the two kinds of fat: the beneficial Omega-3 and the Omega- 6, in which foods are commonly cooked: to alienate allergies caused by foods that work against the human metabolism.
  2. Even oxygen has certain toxic forms called oxides, which spark off lethal reactions that have been linked to sixty odd chronic diseases, one of which Is ageing. Antioxidants minimise the effects of the oxidants. Plant foods, thankfully are packed   with antioxidant agents. Scientists are now researching into an antioxidant “Status  report” based on individual blood tests: if the antioxidants are funnying low, specific  food should be prescribed to boost the levels.
  3. Fat comes in two types; Omega-3 which is found in marine life and Omega-6 which is concentrated in vegetable oils. The good, the other is plain rotten.The best source of Omega-3 is preferably Sea-fish. But frying it in Omega-6 rich   vegetable oil kills and its goodness. The third imperative in codifying food health is     through identifying irritants.
  1. While some foods cause obvious and easily identified allergies like rashes. others cause either delayed reactions or minor irritants which could, none-the-less, be a serious determent to general well-being. Obstinate amoebiasis, nagging depression, persistent headaches are the most obvious symptoms. Food plays a dramatic role in the alerting and fine tuning of brain cells to give them sharper concentration. An innocuous                   combination of red wine and cheese can trigger off migraine.
  2. Ageing brains have low levels of thiamin, which is concentrated in wheat, gram and bran, nuts, meat and cereals. More good brain-food comes from liver, milk and almonds, which are rich in riboflavin and extremely good for memory, Carotene, available in deep green leafy vegetables and fruits, is also good for geriatric brains. So iron is a high diet:   it can make old brains gallop hyperactively like young ones. Iron comes from greens,         liver, shellfish, red meat and soyabeans. Sea-food, very high in 2 inc, in an excellent  diet supplement. The new England Journal of Medicine reported in its May 1985 issue  that 30 grams of fish a day could result in a dramatic drop in the chances of acquiring  a cardiovascular disease. Seafish, particularly shell-fish crabs, mackerel and sardines,    are more effective than riverine fish because the latter is more vulnerable to chemical effluents eating cabbage more than one a weak cuts cancer odds in men by 66 per cent.  Raw cabbage juice has great anti-ulcer properties, as was scientifically proved by  Garnet Cheney of the Stanford University about 30 years ago.
  3. The onion is listed as a cardiovascular drug. Doctors advise an intake of at least half  an onion a day to ward off heart diesases. Onions both cooked and raw have chemicals that promote thinning of blood. Raw onion is most effective and can lower dangerous   LDL cholesterol levels most drastically. The homely youghurt bacteria in the stomach   can knock out other bacteria which cause stomach upsets and infections. A cup of                            yoghurt a day spruces up the immune systems Garlic has magical owners : it can  decrease blood cholesterol levels, unclog closed arteries, lower blood pressure and kills pain very effectively. Accordingly to a New York hospital. Garlic contains a voltatile oil    called alloy sulphate which is a strong antiseptic with the ability to inhibit the growth  of Koch’s bacillus.                                                                                                                      

Complete the following sentences :

The general advice on the food items we take is :

(a)The intake of food containing antioxidants


(b) Of the two kinds of fat Omega-6 is concentrated in _____________________________

(c) Food causing ___________________________________ which work against our                                              metabolism should be avoided.

(d)  Some foods through delayed reactions, affect our well-through __________________________________________________________________

Answers :

(a) The intake of food containing antioxidants is in plant foods.

(b) Of the two kinds of fat Omega-6 is concentrated in vegetable oils.

(c) Food causing allergies, which work against our metabolism should be avoided.

(d) Some foods through delayed reactions, affect our well-through depreion, amoebiasis   and headaches.

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