Class-10 Passage-54 GULLIWER IN LILLIPUT (550 Words Subjective Solved)

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When I stood up and looked around I saw a beautiful scene. The country round appeared like a vast garden. The enclosed fields which were about forty feet square resembled so many beds of flowers. All the fields seemed to be interconnected forests were interconnected. The height of the tallest tree was seven feet. The whole town seemed to be like a painted scene in the theatre.

Once when I was coming out of my house to take fresh air, I saw the Emperor advancing horseback towards me. This could have cost him, dear, because the beast was wholly unused to such a sight which appeared as a man mountain moved before him. The horse stood up on his hinder f but the Emperor was an expert horseman, kept his seat till his servants ran in and held the bridle, while his master had time to dismount. The Emperor surveyed me round with great appreciation kept out of my reach. He ordered his servants to give me food and drink. These were kept on a kind of vehicles upon wheels. They pushed forward these vehicles until I could reach them. I took these vehicles and soon took all the food and drink.

The Empress and young Princes, attended by many ladies sat at some distance in their chairs. But after the accident that happened to the Emperor’s horse, they got up and came him.

All the beholders respected the Emperor because of one thing as he was taller than the breadth of my nail.  His feature was strong and masculine. His complexion was olive. His body and limbs were proportioned, all his motions graceful and his manners of movement majestic. He was then twenty-eight years and three-quarters old. He had reigned about seven years with great happiness and had won many wars.

5 I lay on my side so that my face was parallel to his. He stood but three yards away. His dress was very plain but he had on his head a helmet of gold, adorned with jewels. He was holding his sword in his hand to defend himself. It was about three inches long. His voice was high pitched but very clear and I could hear it when I stood up. The ladies and court members were all magnificently clad. The Emperor spoke to me and I gave answers but neither us could understand a word. Several of his priests and lawyers present there had been Commanded to talk to me, and I spoke to them in as many languages as I had the little known but it served no purpose The court retired after about two hours.

I was left with a strong guard to prevent the crowd from making any impertinence But some of them shot their arrows at me as I sat on the ground by the side of my house. The officer of the guards commanded six of the ringleaders to be caught and deliver them bound into my hands. His commands were followed by soldiers. I took all of the six ringlets in right hand, put five of them into my pocket. As to the sixth, I made a countenance as j’ J would eat him. The poor man cried with fear.

1.Complete the following statements :

(a ) What was the height of the tallest trees?

(b)What was the narrator called?

(c)The Emperor was ________and___________.

(d) Why could the narrator and the emperor not understand each other?

(e) What happened when the horse saw the narrator?

(f) ‘they got up and came near him.’ Who were they? Whom did they approach?

(g). What do you mean by adorned?

(h) What happened to the command of the office in the end?


 (a) seven feet

(b)  man mountain.

(c) strong and masculine.

 (d) They both belonged to different countries. So, they did not know each other’s language.

 (e) The horse saw the narrator and stood on his hind feet. He was afraid to see a man mountain moving before him.

 (f)They were Empress and young Princes and their female attendants. They approached the king after the accident.

(g) Adorned means it was decorated?

(h) The soldiers acted upon the command but it became null and void before the mountain man.

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