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By | May 22, 2023
My Next Door Neighbour Paragraph

My Next Door Bad Neighbour Paragraph – Your next door neighbour is an interesting character- a neighbor you’ve got to know.

My Next Door Bad Neighbour Paragraph

Write a short Paragraph on “A Bad Neighbour”

Ans:-                                                   My Next Door Bad Neighbour Paragraph

A bad neighbour makes our life miserable. He will always disturb our peace of mind. I have such a neighbour. He is a nuisance. Mr Anil is a very quarrelsome neighbour. He is a computer mechanic. All the residents in our area dislike him. His wife and children are no better than him. They are all hot-tempered. They pick up quarrels with everyone at short notice. I always avoid him. His sons are of bad character. They often take drinks. They tease the teenagers in our colony. If anyone asks them to behave properly, they take out knives and threaten them. They always talk ill of others.

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Write a paragraph on the topic in about 80 words: A Quarrelsome Neighbour

A quarrelsome neighbour breeds hell on the earth. He never allows a moment of rest or respite to others. He is short-tempered and may flare up at tit-bits of daily routine. Even small incidents inspire him to use his aggressive faculties and quarrelsome abilities. People in the entire neighbourhood avoid him lest they should provoke him to indulge in quarrelling. Dishonest and drunkard neighbour spoils the peace hours of the surrounding by abusing and beating his wife and children. It is rightly said: A good neighbour is a blessing; a bad neighbour is a curse. 0 God, save us from quarrelsome neighbours.

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