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Paragraph writing in English with Examples, you will learn about the basics of paragraph writing. From what a paragraph is, to tips on how to make your paragraphs flow smoothly, we’ve got you covered! Here are some examples of paragraph writing and how to do it well.

Essay on Population in India | Population issue in India | Essays for All Age Groups | Short and Long

The population issue in India is multifaceted, with both challenges and opportunities. This collection of essay on population in India offers insights into the current population of India, its growth trends, and the myriad implications. These essays cater to readers of all age groups, providing a comprehensive understanding of the population dynamics in the country.” Population Issue in… Read More »

My Parents: Paragraph on Parents | 100 to 500 + Words | Their Responsibilities, Parents Health Insurance & Influence

This page provides examples of the ‘paragraph on parents‘, including both short and long compositions.  My Parents stand as the cornerstone of my life. Their responsibilities range from ensuring our well-being through parents health insurance to molding our character and values.  Paragraph on Parents- 100 Words “My Parents: The Foundation of My Life” My Parents are like guiding… Read More »

Essay on Dhanteras | Significance & Secrets | 100 to 500 Words in English

There’s a deeper meaning behind Dhanteras celebration that goes beyond just buying things. We are presenting short and long Essay on Dhanteras. These informative and well-researched essays serve as an invaluable resource for enhancing your knowledge and understanding of Dhanteras. By going through the following essays, you will gain insights into the reasons behind Dhanteras’ celebration, the auspicious… Read More »

Essay on Responsibilities of Good Citizen | From Voting to Volunteering Exploring Goodness | Short and Long Paragraphs

Responsibilities of Good Citizen 10 lines 1.Good citizens should follow the rules of the nation.2.They should vote and share their thoughts respectfully.3.They should not waste the resources of their country.4.They should kind and understanding to others.5.Good citizens should help others.6.They should learn and share knowledge.7.They should be honest and responsible.8.They should respect people from different backgrounds.9.They should Support… Read More »

Essay on Good Habits | 10 Lines | Change Your Life | Success Habits | 100, 150, 200, 300 and 400 + Words

Good Habits Essay 10 Lines for Kids Essay on Good Habits – 100 Words Good habits are important for a successful life. There are many good habits we can adopt easily. Like waking up early and exercising regularly, Drinking enough water. Saying “please” and “thank you”, Offering a helping hand, Smiling and greeting people you meet, listening attentively… Read More »