1.Describing Person : A Troublesome Neighbour

By | August 6, 2020

Describing a person or writing a biographical sketch is not a tough task. Edumantra describes what is bio sketch? Click the Link above and go through bio sketch format as well as bio sketch exercises and have a nice experience of bio sketch writing. Basically earlier there are were bio sketch exercises for class 8 but presently it is a part of class 9 CBSE Syllabus of Language and Literature. Just dive in for how to write a bio sketch and understand the real meaning of bio sketch.

This page contains examples of description of a person

1. If one has good neighbours life becomes good and livable. If one has bad or quarrelsome neighbours, life becomes a hell. Imagine you have a quarrelsome neighbour. Write a description of him in 100 words.


A Troublesome Neighbour


My Quarrelsome Neighbour

One is lucky if one has a good neighbour. Good neighbours make life livable. They stand by one’s side in times of joy and sorrow. They are thus very near one’s heart in bad times. Relatives come later. But neighbours are with one every time. But if one has a quarrelsome neighbour one’s life is spoiled. A troublesome neighbour makes life around him a hell. Mr V.K. Sharma is such a neighbour. He has many bad habits. He seems to be abnormal. He shouts at his wife and children. He has no love for his wife and children. He drinks daily. He quarrels with everyone in his neighbourhood. His neighbours avoid him. He doesn’t cooperate with anyone. If one goes to him for some act of charity, he insults him. He is anti-social and anti-human. It is a curse to have such a neighbour.

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