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By | October 4, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Chandni. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Chandni Word Meanings from An Alien Hand Class 7.”

Hard Words : Chandni Page No.-21

Grazing = feeding, eating (चारा), String = thread, twine (डोर), Pull = tug, yank (खींचना), Disappear = vanish, go away (गायब), Regions = areas, zones (क्षेत्र), Breed = type, kind (नस्ल), Juiciest = tastiest, most appealing (रसीला), Grains = food, seeds (अनाज)

Chandni Difficult Words in English Page No.-22

Showered = gave, provided (दिया), Unfortunate = unlucky, doomed (दुर्भाग्यपूर्ण), Jaws of death = danger, fatal risk (मौत की जबाँ), Wondered = thought, questioned (सोचा), Struggle = effort, fight (संघर्ष), Hardship = difficulty, suffering (कठिनाई), Mystery = puzzle, enigma (रहस्य),

Terribly = extremely, very (भयानक रूप से), Lonely = alone, isolated (अकेला), Bought = purchased, acquired (खरीदा), Young = not old, new (जवान),

Thought = believed, considered (सोचा), Pretty = attractive, lovely (सुंदर), Horns = pointed growths, spikes (सींग), Pair = set of two, couple (जोड़ी)

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Good Word Meaning of Class 7 Chapter Chandni 7 Page No.-23

Gleaming = shining, bright (चमकता हुआ), Friendly = amicable, kind (दोस्ताना), Temperament = nature, disposition (स्वभाव), Tales = stories, narratives (कहानियाँ), Interest = curiosity, attention (रुचि), Affection = love, fondness (स्नेह), Narrate = tell, recount (सुनाना),

Several = many, multiple (कई), Passed = went by, elapsed (बीत गए), Compound = enclosure, area (परिसर), Alas = sadly, unfortunately (हाय)

English Difficult Words of Chandni Page No.-24

Hilltops = mountain peaks, summits (पहाड़ी शिखर), Refreshing = invigorating, energizing (ताजगी भरा), Breeze = wind, air (हवा), Jerk = sudden stop, halt (अचानक रुकाव),

Rope = cord, string (रस्सी), Hated = loathed, despised (नफरत की), Nor = neither, not either (ना), Appetite = hunger, desire to eat (भूख), Thin = skinny, slender (पतला), Moodily = sullenly, grumpily (उदासी में),

Anguish = suffering, pain (पीड़ा), Frankly = openly, honestly (स्पष्टता से), Earthen pot = clay vessel, ceramic container (मिट्टी का बर्तन), Broke = shattered, cracked (टूटा), Pieces = fragments, shards (टुकड़े), Obstinate = stubborn, unyielding (जिद्दी), Warn = caution, alert (चेतावनी देना), Horns = spikes, pointed growths (सींग)

Class 7 An Alien Hand Chandni Word Meaning in English Page No.-25

Fight = combat, battle (लड़ाई), Wolf = predator, carnivore (भेड़िया), Indeed = truly, really (वास्तव में), Forgotten = not remembered, overlooked (भूल गए), Narrated = told, recounted (सुनाया)

Chapter 7 Chandni English To English Word Meaning Page No.-26

Annoyed = irritated, vexed (परेशान), Thundered = yelled, shouted loudly (गरजा), Compound = enclosure, area (परिसर), Ungrateful = not thankful, unappreciative (अकृतज्ञ), Passage = route, way (रास्ता)

Class 7 English Chapter Chandni Word Meaning English Page No.-27

Reached = arrived at, got to (पहुँचा), Hills = elevated land, highlands (पहाड़), Row = line, sequence (पंक्ति), Separation = apartness, detachment (अलगाव),

Embrace = hug, hold (गले लगाना), Amuse = entertain, delight (मन बहलाना), Grassy = covered in grass, verdant (घासयुक्त), Slopes = inclines, declines (ढलान), Herd = group, flock (झुंड), Polite = courteous, respectful (शिष्ट),

Disappeared = vanished, went out of sight (गायब हो गया), Enveloped = covered, enclosed (लपेट लिया), Blowing = moving air, gusting (बह रहा), Stillness = quietness, calm (शांति), Bushes = shrubs, small plants (झाड़ियां), Grunt = low sound, growl (भौंकना), Scared = frightened, afraid (डरा हुआ)

An Alien Hand Chapter Chandni Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.-28

Bushes = shrubs, foliage (झाड़ियां), Staring = looking intently, gazing (घूरना), Greedily = eagerly, hungrily (लालची तरीके से), Burning = glowing, blazing (जलते हुए), Sized up = evaluated, assessed (मूल्यांकन करना), Ferocious = fierce, savage (क्रूर), Firm = steady, solid (मज़बूत),

Slightly = a little, minimally (थोड़ा), Bent = angled, curved (मोड़), Horns = pointed growths, antlers (सींग), Jutting = sticking out, protruding (बहर निकलना), Courage = bravery, valor (साहस), Treacherous = deceitful, untrustworthy (धोखेबाज), Began = started, initiated (शुरू हुआ), Pale = lose color, fade (फीका)

Chapter Chandni Word Meaning English to Hindi Page No.-29

Disappear = vanish, go away (गायब होना), Faint = weak, dim (मंद), Mosque = Muslim place of worship, Masjid (मस्जिद), Rays = beams, streams of light (किरनें), Soaked = drenched, wet (भीगा हुआ), Tired = fatigued, worn out (थका हुआ), Sleepy = drowsy, lethargic (निदालू),

Devour = consume, eat up (निगलना), Assembly = gathering, meeting (सभा), Perched = sat, settled (बैठा), Nearby = close, adjacent (नजदीक), Debating = discussing, arguing (बहस करना),

Course = path, direction (मार्ग), Wise = intelligent, knowledgeable (बुद्धिमान), Declaimed = stated, announced (घोषित किया), Confidence = assurance, certainty (आत्मविश्वास)