The Bear Story Word Meaning with Hindi  | An Alien Hand | Class 7 |  2023-24 Updated

In this post, we’ll share The Bear Story Word Meaning with Hindi. We have used very simple language to explain word meaning in English and simple Hindi meaning to explain the word meaning. This will help you understand the The Bear Story Word Meanings from An Alien Hand Class 7.  

The Bear Story Word Meaning with Hindi Page number –30

Manor-house = Large house, estate (बड़ा ग्रामीण घर), Border = Edge, boundary (सीमा), Pet = Tamed animal, companion (पालतू जानवर), Fond = Loving, attached (प्यारा), Half dead of hunger = Very hungry, starving (भूख से लगभग मरा हुआ), Brought up = Raised, nurtured (पाला), Slain = Killed, defeated (मार दिया),

Amiable = Friendly, kind (मिलनसर), Kennel = Dog house, shelter (पनाह), Intelligent eyes = Smart, aware (समझदार आंखें), Grazing = Eating grass, feeding (घास खाना), Shaggy = Furry, unkempt (असुलझा हुआ), Mountain Ponies = Small horses, steeds (पहाड़ी छोटे घोड़े), Stable = Animal house, barn (अश्वशाला), Mistress = Lady, owner (मालिकिन), Stump = Short remnant, leftover (कटा हुआ भाग)

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The Bear Story Word Meaning in Hindi Page number –31

Tease = Annoy, provoke (चिढ़ाना), Mind = Care, be bothered by (परवाह करना), Tasted = Tried, experienced (चखा), Appetite = Hunger, desire for food (भूख), Vegetarians = Plant-eaters, non-meat eaters (शाकाहारी), Wistful = Longing, yearning (उम्मीद भरी नजर),

Ripening = Maturing, becoming ready to eat (पकना), Orchard = Fruit garden, grove (बाग़), Temptation = Urge, enticement (प्रलोभन), Clumsy = Awkward, ungraceful (अनाड़ी), Beehives = Bee houses, nests (मधुमक्खी का छत्ता), Punished = Disciplined, penalized (सजा दी गयी), Chain = Restrain, shackle (जंजीर में बांधना)

The Bear Story Word Meanings Page number –32

Apt = Likely, prone to (प्रवृत्त), Ill-tempered = Grumpy, irritable (बदमिजाज), Visited = Went to see, met (मिलने जाना), Dense = Thick, heavy (घना), Disobedient = Unruly, not following rules (अनुशासनहीन), Umbrella = Parasol, shade (छाता), Solitary = Alone, isolated (अकेला),

Mountain-lake = High-altitude lake, elevated lake (पहाड़ी झील), Fright = Scare, fear (डर), Gust = Strong wind, blast (तेज़ हवा), Resigned = Accepting, yielding (मान लिया), Panting = Heavy breathing, gasping (भारी सांस लेना), Sniffing = Smelling, inhaling (सूंघना), Shuffle = Move slowly, drag feet (रेंगते हुए चलना), Trotting = Light gallop, jogging (लघु दौड़)

The Bear Story Word Meaning in English Page number –33

Heels = Back of feet, following closely (एड़ी), Late = Not on time, delayed (देर से), Menacing = Threatening, intimidating (धमकी भरा), Parasol = Umbrella, sunshade (छाता), Cunning = Clever, sly (चालाक), Sniffing = Smelling, inhaling (सूंघना), Collar = Neckband, neck accessory (कॉलर), Shook = Moved quickly, vibrated (हिलाना)

Class 7 English Chapter 8 The Bear Story Word Meaning Page number –34

Sight = Vision, field of view (दृष्टि), Usual = Common, regular (सामान्य), Kennel = Doghouse, animal shelter (केनल), Scold = Reprimand, chastise (डांटना), Severely = Harshly, strictly (कठोरता से), Chained = Tied up, restricted (बंधा हुआ), Rushed = Moved quickly, hurried (जल्दी में), Meek = Gentle, submissive (विनम्र), Haunches = Hips, back legs (कूल्हे), Gate = Entrance, doorway (द्वार)

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