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By | October 4, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from A Tiger in the House. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying A Tiger in the House Word Meanings from An Alien Hand Class 7.”

Hard Words : A Tiger in the House Page No.-36

Strolling = Walking slowly, ambling (सैर करना), Intricate = Complex, detailed (जटिल), Banyan tree = Large tree, rooted tree (बरगद का पेड़),

Distinction = Specialness, uniqueness (विशेषता), Bagged = Captured, acquired (पकड़ लिया), Tempting = Appealing, attractive (लुभावना), Bold = Brave, fearless (साहसी)

A Tiger in the House Difficult Words in English Page No.-37

Mongrel = Mixed-breed, non-purebred (मिश्रित नस्ल का कुत्ता), Darted = Moved quickly, dashed (तेजी से चला), Spring = Jump, leap (उछाल), Absurd = Silly, irrational (बेतुका), Retreat = Move back, withdraw (पीछे हटना), Stalk = Follow stealthily, creep up (धीरे से पीछा करना),

Crafty = Sly, cunning (चालाक), Glittering = Shining, sparkling (चमकते हुए), Crouching = Bending low, squatting (झुककर बैठना), Dash = Quick movement, sprint (तेजी से दौड़ना),

Retriever = Type of dog, breed (रिट्रीवर कुत्ता), Berth = Space, distance (दूरी), Chain = Metal links, tether (जंजीर), Difficulty = Hardship, challenge (कठिनाई)

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Good Word Meaning of Class 7 Chapter A Tiger in the House Page No.-38

Reclining = Leaning back, resting (आराम से लेटना), Dignity = Respect, pride (गरिमा), Snarling = Growling, grumbling (भौंकना), Habits = Routines, behaviors (आदतें), Scrub = Clean, rub (रगड़कर साफ करना), Paws = Animal feet, appendages (पंजे),

Quarters = Living space, rooms (क्वार्टर/रहने की जगह), Delighted = Happy, pleased (प्रसन्न), Prophetic = Predictive, foreseeing (भविष्यवाणी करनेवाला), Sitting = Resting, perching (बैठना), Sign = Indication, trace (संकेत)

English Difficult Words of Chapter 9 A Tiger in the House Page No.-39

Change = Alteration, shift (परिवर्तन), Steadily = Constantly, unchangingly (निरंतर), Stalk = Follow stealthily, creep up on (धीरे से पीछा करना), Frenzied = Wild, frantic (उन्मत्त), Cackling = Loud noise, hen’s laugh (कू-कू करना), Poultry = Domestic fowl, chickens (मुर्गी पालन),

Verandah = Porch, balcony (वरांडा), Chained up = Tied, fastened (जंजीर से बंधा), Villainous = Evil, wicked (दुष्ट), Transfer = Move, shift (स्थानांतरित करना), Zoo = Animal park, menagerie (चिड़ीयाघर),

Reserving = Booking, holding (आरक्षित करना), Compartment = Section, area (कोच), Authorities = Officials, management (प्राधिकृत लोग), Civilised = Tamed, cultured (सभ्य), Magnificent = Splendid, impressive (शानदार), Striped coat = Banded fur, marked skin (धारीदार कोट),

Bars = Metal rods, grill (सलाखें), Stroked = Petted, caressed (सहलाना), Tickled = Stimulated, teased (गुदगुदाना), Growled = Low sound, rumbling (भौंकना), Smacked = Hit, slapped (थप्पड़ मारना)

Class 7 An Alien Hand A Tiger in the House Word Meaning in English Page No.-40

Licked = Touched with tongue, cleaned (चाटना), Sprang = Jumped, leapt (उछलना), Leopard = Large feline, spotted cat (तेंदुआ), Snarled = Growled, hissed (धाक से बोलना), Shooed = Scared away, chased off (भगाना), Slink = Move stealthily, creep (धीरे से जाना),

Reunion = Meeting again, get-together (पुनर्मिलन), Keeper = Caretaker, attendant (पालक), Pushed = Moved forward, shoved (धकेलना), Crowd = Group of people, gathering (भीड़), Bad tempered = Irritable, grumpy (चिड़चिड़ा), Frightening = Scaring, terrifying (डराना)

Chapter 9 A Tiger in the House English To English Word Meaning Page No.-41

Superintendent = Manager, overseer (अधीक्षक)  , Wandering = Roaming, walking aimlessly (भटकना)  , Stroking = Petting, caressing (सहलाना)  , Alarm = Concern, worry (चिंता)  , Keeper = Caretaker, attendant (पालक)  , Transfer = Move, relocate (स्थानांतरित करना)  ,

Stammered = Spoke hesitantly, stuttered (हकलाकर बोलना)  , Pneumonia = Lung infection, respiratory illness (निमोनिया)  , Relish = Enjoyment, pleasure (आनंद)  , Withdraw = Pull back, remove (निकालना)  , Mumbled = Spoke softly, murmured (बड़बड़ाना)  , Scornful = Disdainful, contemptuous (तिरस्कारपूर्ण)  , Briskly = Quickly, energetically (तेजी से)