Word Meaning of How I taught My Grandmother to Read

Go through the following Word Meaning of How I taught My Grandmother to Read and understand each and every word of the lesson for class 9 English Communicative.

Page- 3

Stay- रहना (live), North Karnataka- उत्तरी कर्नाटक , Grandparents- दादा और दादी Transport- परिवहन/ यातायात (transportation system), magazine-पत्रिका (journal), eagerly– उत्सुकता से (curiously), popular लोक-प्रिय (plausible), convincing- यक़ीनी/ जिस पर आसानी से विश्वास हो जाये (persuasive), usually आमतौर पर- (ordinarily ) complex – जटिल या कठिन- complicated psychological – मनोवैज्ञानिक ordinary– साधारण (Simple) appreciate- सराहना (applaud) appearing– प्रकाशित हो रहा था (being published) ardent– अति उत्साही (enthusiastic) desire– इक्षा (Wish) believe– मानना (feel, consider) worshipping – पूजा करना (praying) Ultimate- परम (eventual, definitive)

Page- 4

struggle– संघर्ष (Hard Work), described वर्णन किया गया है (explained), orphan – अनाथ (having no parents), give away– सौंपना (hand over), fall in love– प्रेम हो जाना (Be in love), During– दौरान (within that time), Forget– भूल जाना (Lose Sight of), concentration– एकाग्रता (With full focus), identified– तुलना किया करती थीं (compared), protagonist– मुख्य पात्र (Central character), insist– ज़ोर देना (emphasize), courtyard– आंगन (quad) , gather– इकट्ठे हो जाना (collect), hide and seek– लुका छुपी का खेल (a children’s game ), neighbouring – पास के (near or next to), thoroughly– पूरी तरह से (completely) , in tears– रोते हुए (weeping), worried– चिंतित (tense), nodded– सर हिला दिया move head up and down saying ‘yes’, terrace – छत पर , affectionate– प्यार से (lovingly), realized – एहसास हुआ (felt), look after– देखभाल करना (take care), considered– समझा जाना (think, assume, believe), essential– जरूरी (necessary)

Page- 5

grand-children नाती-पोते, regret– पछताना (repent), understand– समझना (perceive), rubbed– रगड़ना (rasp), enough– काफी (Sufficient), embarrassed– परेशान (annoyed, care laden), dependent– दूसरों पे निर्भर होना ( incumbent), well-off– दौलतमंद (wealthy, well-to-do, well-heeled),decided– निश्चय कर लेना (determined), deadline– किसी कार्य का पूरा करने के लिए निर्धारित अंतिम तिथि, सीमा रेखा (Last date), determination – संकल्प resolution, Yet– फिर भी (Still), wrinkled– झुर्रियां पड़ना (shrink, shrivel), Childishly – बच्चों की तरह (innocently), Overcome– जीतना (win, vanquish), obstacle– बाधा (obstruction), recite– सुनाना (pronounce)

Page- 6

as usual– हर बार की तरह, अक्सर (commonly, mostly) Secretly– चुपके से (stealthily), unusual– असामान्य, अलग सा (abnormal, uncommon), bent down– झुकी , taken aback– अचंभे में पड़ गई (flabbergasted), tradition – परंपरा (convention, gradation), reverse – उल्टा (head over heels), affection – प्यार से (lovingly), confidently – विश्वास के साथ (confidently), scriptures– धर्म ग्रन्थ (religious books), irrespective– बिना देखे (without considering), immediately– तुरंत (instantly), flying colours– विशेष योग्यता से (with distinction)

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