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By | September 22, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from We Are Not Afraid to Die. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying We Are Not Afraid to Die Word Meanings from Hornbill Class 11.”

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Set sail-started journey by sea. समुद्रीयात्रा प्रारम्भ क ी; duplicate-repeat, copy अनुसरण करन ा; voyagea sea journey; In the wake of-afterwards. Just as Captain Cook had done; honing-improving, sharpening. सुधारना; seafaringtravelling by sea; hulllower part of the ship; leg-stage, round,चरण; heading-sailing towards; crewmen-helpers, seamen; tackledeal with, handle.निपटना; roughestmost stormy

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Encountermeet, come across, face, सामना करना; galeviolent winds, आँधी – तूफ़ान; alarmingdangerous. Terrifying, व्याकुल कर देने वाल ी; main mast-central long pole, मस्तूल; despitein spite of,के बावजूद; atrociousrough, violent, क्रूर; reasonedtold ourselves; gigantichuge, high,विशाल ऊँची; jib-a triangular staysail. तिकोना पाल; knotsa nautical mile; enormoushuge, विशाल;

screamingmaking sharp noise. चीख, पुकार; lashedtied, fastened together; mooring-ropea rope used for securing a boat on the coast, घाट पर बाँधने वाला रस्म; loopnoose, फंद ा; sternback part of the ship. जहाज का पिछला भाग; life raft-a fleet made of logs, नदी पार करने के लिए तख्तों से बनाया गया बेड़ ा;

sprayflying of small drops of water. फुहार; drillexercise, practical training. अभ्यास; attachedjoined,जोड़ दिय ा; donnedput on, पहन लिय ा; indicationsign, संकेत; impendingdrawing near,आसन्न; disasterruin, mishap.तबाही ,विपद ा; droppedstopped blowing; toweredmounted. ऊपर आ गय ा; aftback, पीठ;

horrorfear,भय; verticalstanding upright, लंब की भाँति; frightfuldeadly. Dreadful.डरावन ी; cresttop; thunderloud roar. गर्जन; tremendousfearful; explosionburst, विस्फोट; deckthe platform of a ship; torrenta strong fast stream; smashedhit, struck,टकराय ा; poppedrose, ऊthe पर उठ गय ा;

capsizingoverturning.उलट रहा थ ा; horizontallevel. समानांतर; hurledthrew with force.वेग से उछाल दिय ा; jerkedmoved; tauttight; lifelinea rope thrown to secure someone from drowning; Wavewalkerthe name given to the boat; grabbedcaught firmly; guardrailsthe horizontal pieces of iron or wood for security. Raithe ling;

a boomlong pole. पाल दण्ड; subsequentthat came thereafter, बाद में आने वाल ी; tossedthrew, फैंक ा; rag dolla doll made of a torn clothes, a toy,गुड़िय ा; ribschest bones, पसलियाँ; crackedbroke, चटक गई; hung ontrapped. लटका रह ा; abandonleave.छोड़न ा; investigatefind out, पता लगाना I

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Screamedcried; decksplatform, roof; smashedbroken; scrambledtried to catch. झपट कर पकड़ ा; hatcha small opening in a floor. ; timberswood used for building purpose,इमारती लकड़ ी; crazy odd. बेढंगे तरीके स े; starboardright-hand side of a ship,जलपोत का दाहिना भाग; bulgedswollen, फूल गया sloshedmoved around water, पानी चल रहे थ े; bunksleeping berth. शयन स्थान; a bita little

bumpswelling.गुमड़ा ; hammera tool for driving nails, हथौड़ी; screwsa metal fastener. पेच ; canvaswater proof material, thick cloth of hemp or flax, किरमिच ; bashed openstruck open forcibly, आघात के कारण खुल गया ; stretchspread out; hatch coversthe lids to cover the openings in the deck; gapingopen; deflectedturned to another direction, रास्ता मोड़ दिया; debrisscattered broken things, मलबा, कचरा ; threateninglyIn an alarming manner. खतरनाक तरीके से; wrenchedpulled off, twisted.  खराब हो गया थ ा;

dinghiessmall boats on a ship; anchorpiece of heavy metal, लंगर; chartroomwhere maps used for navigation are kept; dragged onpassed with difficulty; steeringthe mechanism or wheel to control the direction; Mayday callsradio signals used by ships in distress calling for help. Remotefar off; swollenसूज गया थ ा; alarminglydangerously; enormousbig; sufficientlyenough, adequate; In rotationturn by turn. बारी –बारी से; tremendousbig, अधिक; leakopening, छेद I

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Ribone of the ships curved timbers, घुमावदार लकड़ ी; smashed to the keelcompletely broken; starboard hullthe lower part of the right side of the ship; calculatedestimated, अनुमान गलाय ा; pinpricksvery small dots or islands; abatedcooled down, grew less severe; hoistflutter,फहराना ; slimvery little, thin, कम ; auxiliaryadditional, अतिरिक्त; main mastprime pole, प्रमुख मस्तूल ;

pressurepulls; riggingropes; pull apartseparate, अलग कर देना ; cornedsaved from damage; respiterelief, interval of rest, विराम ; deteriorategrow worse, worsen, बदतर होना ; dawndaybreak; desperatehopeless; respondreply; heave-tolift, raise with great effort, बलपूर्वक खींचन ा; improviseto use whatever is available,काम चलाऊ;

anchora heavy metal object which helps to keep a ship In one place लंगर; barrelsdrums; paraffinwaxमोम; plankslong flat pieces of sawn timber, तख्ते; rode outsurvived. बच निकल ा; easingcooling down.

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A sextantan instrument for measuring,कोण की दूरी मापने का यंत्र; driftslow currents. मंद बहाव ; slitsthin openings, झिरी ; caricaturefunny representation of a person, व्यंग चित्र; compassinstrument with magnetised needle, क़ुतुबनुमा; variationchanges indicating direction;

convictionfirm belief, दृढ़विश्वास; dozed offslept; tousledrough, disorderly, बिखरे बाल ; hugembrace, आलिंगन; chorusedspoke jointly, एक साथ बोले ; starkbare, stiff naked; bleakcheerless; little vegetationno greenery. Barren; anchoreddropped the heavy iron piece,जहाज का लंगर गिराये रख ा; off-shorenear the shore. तट के निकट; inhabitantsresidents, निवास ी;

optimistichopeful; direstextreme, most horrible; stresspressure, strain; crucialcritical; subsequentlycoming after, बाद में; recurringcoming up again and again; clothalf solid lump, रक्त का थक्का l