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By | September 22, 2023

In this post, we’ll share The Portrait of a Lady Word Meaning with Hindi. We have used very simple language to explain word meaning in English and simple Hindi meaning to explain the word meaning. This will help you understand The Portrait of a Lady Word Meanings from Hornbill Class 11.  

Hard Words : The Portrait of a Lady Page- 3

Grandmother = Elderly family member, usually the mother of one’s parent (दादी या नानी), Old = Having lived for a long time, aged (बुढ़ा या बुढ़ी), Wrinkled = Having small lines or folds on the surface, often due to age (झुर्रियों से भरा हुआ),

Pretty = Attractive in a delicate way, good-looking (सुंदर), Husband = Married partner of a woman (पति), Portrait = Painting or photograph of a person (चित्र),

Mantelpiece = Structure around the fireplace, often used to display decorative items (अंगीठी के ऊपरी भाग), Turban = Headwear usually worn by Sikh men (पगड़ी), Beard = Hair growing on the chin and lower cheeks of a man’s face (दाढ़ी),

Revolting = Causing intense disgust (घृणा उत्तेजक), Games = Activities or sports played for enjoyment (खेल), Absurd = Ridiculously unreasonable (अतर्कसंगत),

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Undignified = Lacking in dignity, not respectable (अमर्यादित), Fables = Short stories that convey a moral lesson, often with animals as characters (शिक्षाप्रद कथाएँ), Prophets = Religious leaders considered as messengers of God (पैगंबर),

Short = Not tall (छोटा), Fat = Having a lot of excess flesh, plump (मोटा), Bent = Not straight or flat, curved (झुका हुआ), Criss-cross = Lines crossing over each other (एक दूसरे को काटती रेखाएँ)

The Portrait of a Lady Difficult Words in English Page- 4

Terribly = extremely, very much; अत्यधिक , Hobbled = walked with difficulty, limped; लंगड़ाकर चलना , Stoop = bend forward, bow; झुकाव , Beads of her rosary = prayer beads, religious ornaments; माला के मनके ,

Silver locks = white hair, gray strands; सफेद बाल , Scattered = dispersed, spread out; बिखेरना , Untidily = messily, disorderly; अव्यवस्थित रूप में ,

Puckered = wrinkled, creased; झुर्रीदार , Inaudible = not audible, silent; अश्रव्य , Landscape = scenery, vista; दृश्य , Expanse = stretch, breadth; विस्तार , Serenity = calmness, tranquillity; शांति , Contentment = satisfaction, peace; संतोष , Constantly = continually, always; निरंतर ,

Monotonous = repetitive, unvarying; एकसमान , Sing-song = rhythmic, chant-like; गीत-संगीत जैसा , Fetch = retrieve, bring; लाना , Plastered = smeared, spread; लेपित , Tiny earthen = small clay, petite terracotta; मिट्टी की छोटी चीज , Stale = not fresh, old; बासी , Attached on the same building = connected, adjoined; संलग्न ,

Alphabet = letters, characters; अक्षर , Rows = lines, sequences; पंक्तियां , In a chorus = in unison, together; समूहगान में , Scriptures = sacred writings, holy texts; धार्मिक ग्रंथ , Growling = low rumbling sound, grumbling; गुर्राना ,

Turning point = significant change, pivotal moment; महत्वपूर्ण मोड़ , Courtyard = open area, enclosed ground; आंगन , Rolled by = passed by, elapsed; बीत जाना

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson The Portrait of a Lady Page- 5

Gravity = force of attraction, principle; गुरुत्वाकर्षण का सिद्धान्त , Distressed = troubled, unhappy; चिंतित, Lewd = indecent, obscene; अश्लील, Association = connection, link; संबंध, Monopoly = exclusive control, sole right; एकाधिकार, Harlots = prostitutes, women of ill repute; वेश्या, Disapproval = disagreement, objection; असहमति, Snapped = broke off, ended suddenly; टूट गया,

Seclusion = solitude, isolation; सन्न्यास, Resignation = acceptance, acquiescence; समर्पण , Reciting = chanting, saying aloud; पाठ करना, Relaxed = rested, took it easy; विश्राम करना, Veritable = absolute, genuine; वास्तविक, Bedlam = chaos, loud confusion; हलचल,

Chirruping = chirping, tweeting; चहचाहत , Perched = sat, alighted; बैठना, Shooed away = scared away, drove away; उड़ा दिया, Abroad = overseas, in a foreign country; विदेश में, Upset = troubled, perturbed; परेशान,

Sentimental = emotional, tender-hearted; भावुक , Cherished = treasured, valued; प्यार से याद किया, Moist = wet, damp; गीला, Imprint = mark, impression; निशान, Clasped = hugged, embraced; गले लगाना , Frivolous = light-hearted, carefree; असंवेदनशील , Rebukes = scoldings, reprimands; फटकार, Thumped = beat, drummed; धड़ाकना , Sagging = drooping, hanging down; लटक रहा है

The Portrait of a Lady English Difficult Words Page- 6

Dilapidated = ruined, old and worn-out; पुराना, घिसापिटा , Warrior = soldier, fighter; योद्धा, Persuade = bring her round, advise; फुसलाना, Overstraining = very tiring, exhaustive; अत्याधिक थकान लाने वाला , Omitted = missed, neglected; बन्द कर दिया था ,

Protested = opposed, showed disagreement; विरोध किया, Ignored = paid no heed to, overlooked; उपेक्षा की , Suspect = have an inkling, anticipate; संदेह होना , Customary = ritual, as per custom; रीति के अनुसार , Pallor = paleness, whiteness; पीलापन ,

Shroud = cloth spread over a dead body, burial wrap; कफ़न , Mourning = lamentation, grieving; शोक , Funeral = last rites, cremation; दाहसंस्कार, Blaze = glow, intense light; चमक, Stiff = motionless, hard; सख्त, Wrapped = covered, enveloped; लिपटी हुई,

Scattered = all over, dispersed; बिखरीहुई, Chirping = sound, bird sounds; शोर, Crumbs = bits, pieces; टुकड़े, Corpse = dead body, remains; शव, Dustbin = wastebasket, garbage bin; कूड़ादान