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By | February 22, 2023

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Theme of A House is not a Home

The story is based on the theme of adjustment issues encountered by teenagers. Routine problems of life appear grievous and difficult to children in their growing years. They fail to acknowledge the little blessings offered by life and focus on the small missing things. It takes some time, but love and support from people around them rebuild their faith in the goodness of life. Zan felt so pressurized by the changes in his life that he thought of death, the extreme way to escape. However, genuine outpouring of concern from his schoolmates made him realize that his fear and insecurities were unfounded. He connected back with life with the help of his new friends.

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Theme of A House is not a Home (2) :

When a student goes to a new school, some problems crop up. He needs time to adjust to the new situation. Further, when a boy faces a situation where his house is burned down it leads him to feel depressed and rejected. He feels the loss of his home badly. The boy is deeply saddened by the loss of his pet cat. But later, things change for better and normalcy returns in his life. Often, people come forward to help us in the time of our grief.

A House is Not A Home Justify the Title

The word ‘house’ denotes a structure made of concrete material while the word ‘home’ connotes a place where love and concern bind the people inhabiting a space. “A House is Not a Home” is an appropriate title because Zan did not lose his home when he lost his house. Zan took to heart the burning down of his house and the things like his backpack, his shoes and other belongings. When he received love, support and concern from everyone around him, he realised that the emotion which was present in his house had grown even stronger after the fire tragedy. He had lost the house but the home was still there, stronger than before. Hence, the title aptly conveys the main idea that material losses can be recovered but they cannot cause the loss of genuine emotions.

A House is not a Home Message

The story conveys the message that camaraderie and bonhomie are two strong factors that help build genuine relationships. Zan felt awkward, isolated and embarrassed by the changes that marked his early teenage. But when new people approached him with open arms and extended a hand of friendship, he was overwhelmed. All his worries, fears, and insecurities faded away. Helping others in need and being grateful while getting help, are the two values one should acquire. The teenagers, especially, should volunteer to make newcomers feel at home. Another message conveyed by this story is that one should not grieve over material loss. As long as one has emotional support, one can overcome any loss.

A House is not a Home Message

 All of us love our home. The happiness and warmth it provides make us happy. But when a serious incident happens it throws everything out of order, and we feel very sad. This lesson gives out the message that a happy home is essential for us.
 Further, it gives the message that people come forward to help us in times of difficulty. They help us to put back our life in order. The boy in this story gets help from his schoolmates who provide him with everything. Further, a lady who lives nearby helps him to get back his cat, which he loves very much. So, we should retain our faith in others. We should also be courageous to face the difficulties we face in life.

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