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By | July 27, 2023

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Theme Indigo Class 12

                                          By- Louis Fischer

Theme / Central Idea of the Lesson. Analysis of Indigo

The leadership is shown by Mahatma Gandhi to secure justice for oppressed people through convincing argumentation and negotiation.

Theme of Indigo (2) :

The chapter ‘Indigo’ emphasizes the fact that effective leadership can solve any kinds of problems without any harm to anybody. This chapter deals with the way Mahatma Gandhi solved the problem of poor sharecroppers of Champaran in a non-violent way.

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Justify the title of Indigo

The title ‘Indigo’ focuses our attention on the issue of exploitation of indigo sharecroppers at the hands of cruel British planters. The British compelled them through a long-term agreement to plant indigo on 15 per cent of their land and surrender the entire harvest as rent. After the development of synthetic indigo by Germany, the British planters extracted money from the peasants as compensation for being released from the 15 per cent agreement. The peasants who wanted their money back filed civil suits. Rajkumar Shukla persuaded Gandhi to take up the case of Indigo sharecroppers. So indigo sharecropping exemplifies the injustice of the British and the Indians’ submission to British authority.

The Champaran movement that centred on indigo sharecropping led to the social and cultural upliftment of the peasants. Thus the title ‘Indigo’ is highly suggestive and appropriate.

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