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By | September 28, 2023
Hard Words Indigo Difficult Words in English edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Indigo Difficult Words in English. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Indigo Difficult Words in English Word Meanings from Flamingo Class 12.”

Hard Words :  Indigo Page No.- 46

Central = middle, main (केंद्रीय), Departure = leaving, exit (प्रस्थान), Convention = meeting, gathering (सभा), Delegates = representatives, envoys (प्रतिनिधि), Proceedings = activities, events (कार्रवाई), Peasant = farmer, worker (किसान), Emaciated = very thin, weak (दुर्बल),

District = area, region (जिला), Foothills = lower hills, base (पहाड़ियों का तला), Sharecroppers = tenant farmers, renters (बाटाईदार), Resolute = determined, steadfast (दृढ़)

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Indigo Difficult Words in English Page No.- 47

Congress = assembly, body (संसद), Committed = obligated, pledged (प्रतिबद्ध), Accompanied = went with, joined (साथ गए), Tenacity = persistence, grit (दृढ़ता), Sharecropper = tenant farmer, lessee (भाड़ा किसान), Impressed = moved, affected (प्रभावित), Boarded = got on, entered (चढ़ा),

Yeoman = small farmer, landowner (छोटा किसान), Pestered = annoyed, troubled (तंग किया), Companion = partner, mate (साथी), Untouchable = outcast, marginalized (अछूत) , Permitted = allowed, let (अनुमति दी गई),

Pollute = dirty, contaminate (प्रदूषित करना), Source = origin, start (स्रोत) , Conditions = situations, circumstances (हालात), Capable = able, skilled (समर्थ), Accordingly = thus, therefore (इस प्रकार)  

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson Indigo Chapter 5 Page No.- 48

Arrived = reached, came (पहुंचे) , Extraordinary = unusual, remarkable (असामान्य), Harbour = shelter, protect (शरण देना), Advocates = supporters, promoters (समर्थक), Home-rule = self-governance, autonomy (स्व-शासन), Advent = arrival, coming (आगमन), Quickly = rapidly, swiftly (जल्दी से),

Conveyance = transport, vehicle (वाहन), Brief = inform, update (सूचित करना), Represented = stood for, acted for (प्रतिनिधित्व किया), Peasant = farmer, cultivator (किसान), Chided = scolded, reprimanded (डांटना) , Conclusion = decision, judgment (निष्कर्ष),

Crushed = oppressed, subdued (कुचला हुआ), Fear-stricken = terrified, scared (भयभीत), Useless = unhelpful, ineffective (अकारगर), Relief = respite, ease (राहत), Arable = cultivable, farmable (कृषि योग्य), Divided = separated, split (विभाजित)  

Class 12 Flamingo Indigo English Difficult Words Page No.- 49

Estates = large properties, lands (संपत्तियां), Tenants = renters, occupants (किरायेदार), Crop = plant, produce (फसल), Landlords = property owners, lessors (जमींदार), Compelled = forced, obligated (मजबूर किया),

Holdings = possessions, properties (ज़मीन), Surrender = give up, relinquish (समर्पित करना), Contract = agreement, accord (अनुबंध), Synthetic = man-made, artificial (कृत्रिम),

Agreements = contracts, accords (समझौते), Compensation = payment, reimbursement (मुआवजा), Arrangement = setup, system (व्यवस्था), Irksome = annoying, bothersome (कष्टप्रद),

Resisted = opposed, fought against (प्रतिरोध किया) , Thugs = criminals, goons (गुंडे), Illiterate = uneducated, non-literate (निरक्षर), Facts = truths, realities (तथ्य), Secretary = administrative assistant, clerk (सचिव),

Association = group, organization (संघ), Outsider = non-member, stranger (बाहरी व्यक्ति), Commissioner = official, chief (आयुक्त), Bully = intimidate, harass (धमकाना),

Forthwith = immediately, at once (तुरंत) , Multitude = crowd, throng (भीड़), Headquarters = main office, center (मुख्यालय), Maltreated = mistreated, abused (दुर्व्यवहार किया)  

Chapter 5 Indigo Word Meaning in English Page No.- 50

Complied = obeyed, conformed (आज्ञा मानना), Disobey = defy, resist (अवज्ञा करना), Consequence = result, outcome (परिणाम), Summons = order, call (तलब), Awake = alert, wakeful (जागरूक), Influential = powerful, significant (प्रभावशाली), Viceroy = governor, ruler (वायसराय),

Demonstration = protest, show (प्रदर्शन), Liberation = freedom, release (मुक्ति), Cooperation = collaboration, teamwork (सहयोग), Polite = courteous, respectful (शिष्ट), Prosecutor = attorney, lawyer (अभियोजक), Postpone = delay, defer (स्थगित करना), Consult = seek advice, confer (परामर्श करना), Protested = objected, opposed (विरोध किया), Guilty = culpable, responsible (दोषी) ,

Conflict = clash, disagreement (संघर्ष), Humanitarian = charitable, compassionate (मानवता वादी), Conscience = moral sense, inner voice (अंतरात्मा), Penalty = punishment, fine (दंड), Recess = break, pause (अवकाश), Furnish = provide, supply (प्रदान करना),

Bail = security, bond (जमानत), Reconvened = reassembled, regathered (पुनः बुलाना), Judgment = decision, verdict (निर्णय), Liberty = freedom, independence (स्वतंत्रता)

Indigo Class 12 English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 51

Conferred = discussed, consulted (विचार-विमर्श किया), Sentenced = punished, condemned (दंडित), Injustice = unfairness, wrong (अन्याय), Consult = seek advice, deliberate (सलाह लेना), Stranger = unknown person, outsider (अजनबी),

Desertion = abandonment, neglect (त्याग), Battle = fight, conflict (युद्ध), Communication = message, information (संचार), Dropped = abandoned, discarded (छोड़ दिया), Triumphed = won, succeeded (विजयी हुआ), Inquiry = investigation, examination (जाँच),

Grievances = complaints, grumbles (शिकायतें), Depositions = statements, testimonials (बयान), Collected = gathered, accumulated (इकट्ठा किया), Throbbed = pulsated, vibrated (धड़कना), Vehement = passionate, intense (उत्साही), Summoned = called, invited (बुलाया)  

Indigo Chapter 5 Flamingo Word Meaning English Page No.- 52

Associates = colleagues, partners (साथी), Detailed = thorough, comprehensive (विस्तृत), Protracted = extended, prolonged (लंबा), Appointed = assigned, nominated (नियुक्त किया गया), Commission = committee, group (समिति), Sole = only, single (एकमात्र),

Representative = delegate, spokesperson (प्रतिनिधि), Uninterrupted = continuous, unbroken (निरंतर), Entreaty = appeal, plea (प्रार्थना), Unlettered = illiterate, uneducated (निरक्षर), Assembled = gathered, collected (इकट्ठा किया), Crushing = overwhelming, overpowering (कुचलने) ,

Planters = farmers, cultivators (किसान), Principle = rule, standard (सिद्धांत), Refunds = repayments, reimbursements (वापसी), Illegally = unlawfully, wrongly (अवैध रूप से) , Deceitfully = dishonestly, fraudulently (धोखे से) , Extorted = extracted, forced (ज़बरन निकाला),

Adamant = unyielding, stubborn (अटल), Deadlock = standstill, impasse (गतिरोध), Unanimously = agreed upon, consensually (एकमत से), Prestige = respect, honor (प्रतिष्ठा), Landlords = property owners, lessors (जमींदार), Lords = masters, rulers (स्वामी)

Chapter 5 Indigo Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.- 53

Defenders = Protectors, guardians (रक्षक), Justified = Validated, confirmed (यथार्थ), Abandoned = Left, deserted (त्याग दिया), Estates = Properties, lands (जमीनें), Reverted = Returned, went back (लौटा दिया), Contented = Satisfied, appeased (संतुष्ट) , Cultural = Related to culture, traditional (सांस्कृतिक),

Backwardness = Underdevelopment, regression (पिछड़ापन), Appealed = Requested, pleaded (आवेदन किया), Disciples = Followers, pupils (शिष्य), Volunteered = Offered, presented (स्वैछिक रूप से किया), Primary = Elementary, basic (प्राथमिक) ,

Cleanliness = Purity, sanitation (स्वच्छता), Community = Societal, public (सामुदायिक), Miserable = Wretched, pitiful (दुखी), Ointment = Cream, salve (मलहम), Eruptions = Outbreaks, sores (फोड़े), Filthy = Dirty, unclean (गंदा), Cupboard = Cabinet, closet (अलमारी), Trenches = Ditches, pits (खड्डे)  

Class 12 Indigo Word Meaning English to Hindi Page No.- 54

Declared = Announced, Stated (घोषित किया), Defiance = Resistance, Opposition (विरोध), Alleviate = Relieve, Reduce (कम करना), Distress = Suffering, Pain (दुखद), Peasants = Farmers, Villagers (किसान), Intertwined = Linked, Connected (जुड़ा हुआ),

Abstractions = Theories, Concepts (निराकार विचार), Loyalty = Faithfulness, Devotion (निष्ठा), Mould = Shape, Form (ढालना), Pacifist = Peace-lover, Non-violent (शांतिप्रिय), Devoted = Dedicated, Committed (समर्पित), Farewell = Goodbye, Departure (विदाई), Vehemently = Strongly, Passionately (उत्साही ढंग से),

Unequal = Unfair, Imbalanced (असमान), Prop = Support, Backing (सहारा), Self-reliance = Independence, Self-sufficiency (स्वावलंबी), Bound together = Linked, United (जुड़े हुए)