The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary in English

By | February 11, 2023
The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary in English

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The Summer of the Beautiful White Horse Summary

Aram and Mourad were cousins. Aram was nine years old while Mourad was thirteen. The mound was a lively and adventure-loving boy. But he was considered crazy. Both were fond of horse riding. They belonged to the Garoghlanian tribe. They were too poor to buy a horse. But their family was famous for honesty, and they were proud of it. They believed in doing the right things and not cheating anybody. Stealing was unthinkable. They were the natives of Armenia.
One summer morning, Mourad came to Aram’s house and woke him up by tapping on the room-window. Aram jumped out of bed and looked out of the window. He saw Mourad sitting on a beautiful white horse. He rubbed his eyes to make sure that he was not dreaming. He couldn’t believe that Mourad had bought or borrowed the horse. The only other way was that he had stolen it. But it was difficult to believe. No member of the family could be a thief.
Mourad told Aram to come out quickly if he wanted to enjoy a horse-ride.

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Aram was both delighted and frightened. He asked his cousin wherefrom he had stolen that horse but he got no reply. Evidently, Mourad had stolen the horse. Aram was tempted to go for a ride. He told himself that stealing a horse for a ride was not the same thing as stealing money. They were just crazy about horses. They would be guilty of stealing only if they offered to sell the horse.
Aram put on his clothes and sat on horseback behind his cousin. Behind their house was the countryside—fruit gardens, irrigation pits and grapevines. The horse began to trot and Mourad began to sing aloud. There was a crazy streak in the family which Mourad had inherited. Their
Uncle Khosrove was also crazy. He was furious in nature, irritable and impatient. He did not allow anybody to speak. His pet words were: It is no harm: pay no attention to it. Once his own house was on fire, and he was at the barber’s shop. His son Arak ran to that shop to tell about the fire. But he, as usual, roared that it was no harm,
Mourad’s own father Zorab was a very practical man. But Mourad was the natural descendant I of his uncle. Anyway, the two cousins let the horse run as long as it felt like running. At last Mourad asked Aram to get down. He wanted to ride alone. He said proudly that he had way with a horse. He named this white horse Vazire. Aram too wanted to ride alone. But he was told to wait. He was given a chance, and he had a bad experience. The horse ran off at breakneck speed. Aram fell but the horse continued running. It took them half an hour to find and bring back the horse.
It was morning. The whole world was awake. Their problem was to hide the horse. But Mourad knew a place. Aram asked him again how long ago he had stolen the horse. Mourad told him to tell a little lie and say that they had started riding that very morning. Mourad led the horse to a deserted vineyard of a farmer Fetvajian. He added that he had an understanding with horses.
That afternoon, uncle Khosrove came to Aram’s house. Then came another visitor John Byro who complained that his white horse had been stolen the previous month. Uncle Khosrove, as usual, shouted him down. He told Byro to stop crying over a horse when he had legs to walk ten miles to get there. Aram’s mother consoled Byro. She said that Khosrove had a gentle heart. but he was homesick.
Aram ran over to Mourad’s house to tell him about John Byro who wanted his horseback. At the same time, he extracted a promise from his cousin that he would keep the horse for at least six months. Mourad was at that time giving first aid to a robin bird which had hurt its wing. He then let the bird free.
For two weeks the cousins took the horse out from the barn and rode it. But every morning the horse threw Aram and ran away.
One morning when they were taking the horse to the barn, they met John Byro. Mourad went forward to do the talking. He made another claim that he had a way with farmers. John Byro examined the horse and swore that it was just like his horse. He also counted the teeth of the horse to make sure. But Mourad told him with confidence that his horse was named My Heart and it was his animal. Byro said that he believed Mourad because he knew that his family was known for honesty. He told them that perhaps the horse was the twin of his own stolen horse because boys of such an honourable family could never steal.
Early the next morning, the cousins took the horse to Byro’s vineyard and put it there. The dogs there didn’t bark. Mourad took the credit. He said that he had a way with dogs as well. He patted the horse lovingly before taking leave of it.
That afternoon, John Byro came to Aram’s house in a carriage drawn by his white horse. He, however, wondered at the change that occurred in the horse. It looked stronger than ever and better tempered too. He thanked God for the recovery of his lost horse. But Uncle Khosrove was irritated and shouted at him to shut up.

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