112.Short Story: Honesty is the Best Policy

By | September 28, 2022
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A wood-cutter cutting wood on the bank of a river………. the axe falls into the water below…….. weeps ……..God Mercury appears with an axe of gold……… the wood-cutter refuses to take it………. then silver axe……… then iron axe ……….takes the iron axe very gladly………… rewarded.

Ans:-                                       HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY

Once there was a wood-cutter. He cut wood and earned his bread. He was happy with his lot.  One day he was cutting wood near the bank of a river. By chance, his axe fell down into the water. The water was very deep. He did not know how to swim. He sat on the river bank and started weeping. God Mercury the Water god—took pity on him. He appeared before the wood-cutter. He asked the woodcutter the cause of his weeping. The wood-cutter told him his story of woe. The god took pity on him. He dived into the deep water. He brought out a glittering gold axe from the bed of the river. He gave it to the Wood-cutter. The woodcutter refused to take it. He said that this golden axe was not his. He was honest in spite of his poverty. He spoke the truth.

The god Mercury dived deep second time. This time he brought an axe made of silver. The honest wood-cutter refused to take it, too, as this was not his axe. The god dived the third time. This time he actually brought out the iron axe of the wood-cutter. The woodcutter’s joy knew no bounds. He gladly accepted his iron axe.

The god Mercury was very happy with the honesty of a poor wood-cutter. He was very glad to learn that honesty and not greed was the real asset of the poor. He rewarded the wood-cutter by handing over the gold and silver axes. The wood-cutter thanked him.

Moral: Honesty is its own reward.

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