The Road Not Taken-Theme, Title & Literary Devices

By | August 12, 2020

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The Road Not Taken

By- Robert Frost

Theme/ Central Idea of the Poem The Road Not Taken-

“The Road Not Taken” deals with the dilemmas that man faces in life. The two roads serve as a metaphor for the choices we make in life. Life throws up many alternatives. Man being an individual cannot take up all choices. The choice we make has a far-reaching consequence. Hence, our decision is a shot in the dark though our future is dependent on it. If the choice made by us happens to be not correct, we have to face the consequences as steps once taken cannot be retracted.

The significance of the Title The Road Not Taken/ Path Not Taken

‘The road’ is the symbol of the choice made by us in life. Many times, we regret the choice made by us but what is done once cannot be undone. Man yearns for what he has denied himself in life, rather than what he has chosen. Hence, the poet has given his poem the title “The Road Not Taken”.  Some critics also call this poem ‘The World Less Traveled’

Literary Devices/ Figure of Speeches/ Poetic Devices used in the poem The Road Not Taken/ Path Not Taken

Alliteration-  is “the repetition of usually consonant sounds in a sequence of words. Only when the recurrent sound occurs in a conspicuous position at the beginning of a word or of a stressed syllable within a word.” It gives a musical effect and also enhances the poem’s stress.

Example: grassy and wanted wear

(‘w’ sound is repeated)


The two roads described by the poet are the symbols of the challenges and choices that life offers. The beaten-track symbolizes the easier path and the less travelled road is a more challenging path. The selection of the difficult road by the poet symbolizes man’s urge to live life boldly.

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