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The Lost Child Characters

                                                                     By- Mulk Raj Anand

The Lost Child: The child was very excited as he was to a fair with his parents. He was fascinated by many things like toys, many sweets, a garland, etc. in the fair. He asked his parents to buy something for him, but they refused him. He was an obedient child as he could see the refusal for his demands on his parent’s face. He wanted to enjoy the roundabout. But as he moved back to request his parents for it, he found his parents nowhere. His face was convulsed with fear and tears rolled down from his eyes. A man from the crowd heard his cries and tried to console him by offering different things which previously he wanted to have. The fear is so predominant that the child did not show any interest. He was so innocent that he only wanted his parents.

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The Unknown Man: The unknown man was a very kind and generous man. In the crowd, he was the only one who came forward to help the lost child. First, he lifted up the lost child in his arms. He asked the child about him and his parents and got to know that he had lost his parents. He tried each and everything to console the lost and sobbing child. He offered every exciting thing in the fair to the child which earlier he wanted to buy. The unknown man is the symbol of humanity who is ready to help the lost child in all aspects.

The Lost Child Short Summary

  • The child is being taken to the fair by his parents.
  • There are many attractions in the fair for the childlike balloons, merry go round, toys and eatables. The child asks his parents for these things.
  • Parents have no desire to purchase these things for the child.
  • The crowd is large. So the parents are holding the hand of their child.
  • Suddenly the child gets separated from his parents.
  • The child starts crying and asking for his father and mother.
  • A kind person picks up the child and tries to console him.
  • He offers him balloons and other things which he wanted earlier.
  • But now the child wants only his mother and father.
  • He keeps crying and says “I want my father, I want my mother”.

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