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The Little Girl Summary in Short

  • Kezia is a little girl, growing in her loving grandma’s care.
  • Kezia has formal relations with mother and father. She is afraid of her strict father so she stammered while talking to him. She thought him to be giant-sized.
  • On Sundays, Grandma sent her to spend time with parents but Kezia found her father lay down on the sofa to relax and mother busy in reading.
  • One day grandma, suggested her to prepare a gift for father’s birthday.
  • Kezia prepared a pincushion with a beautiful yellow silk cloth. For that, she needed scrap to fill it.
  • She took some papers from father’s room and store them up to stuff them in the pincushion. It was the father’s important speech for the Port Authority.
  • When Kezia was questioned, she admitted her act. Father beat Kezia with a ruler and she cried bitterly. She clung to grandma who consoled her.
  • Next door neighbour Mr Macdonald plays with his children in the evening. After watching him, Kezia concludes that all fathers are not like hers.
  • One day, her mother got admitted to the hospital, she was alone at home under the care of the cook. Old nightmare haunted her – a butcher with a knife in his hand. She was too much afraid of it.
  • Father came to her room hugged her, carried her to his room to comfort her.
  • She realised that he was not so bad, but he was too busy to express his love. That night, she felt her father had a big heart.

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Message of the Lesson – The Little Girl

 The story conveys a beautiful message that there is a very strong bond between parents and children. This bond has the strength to survive every type of challenge. However, in order to prepare their little children for the hardships of adult life, parents resort to strict punishment and it is difficult for children to understand the true motive behind the stern actions of their parents. As a result, they develop negativity.
Therefore, the story gives a message to both the children and parents. Children should trust their parents and the parents should understand that physical punishment can leave emotional scars that hamper the growth of a balanced personality of their child. So, the responsibility to strengthen the parent-child bond rests equally on both.

Message of the Lesson – The Little Girl (2) :

In a family, interpersonal relationships between parents and their children, siblings and elders and a congenial atmosphere in the family are very important for a smooth and successful life.
For a better relationship, the first and foremost factor is mutual interaction and regular communication among the members of a family because through communication only we can understand each other’s aspirations, expectations, desires, strength and weaknesses in a better way.

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