The Little Girl-Short & Detailed Summary

By | July 19, 2021
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      By- Katherine Mansfield

Short and Simple Summary of the lesson in English– THE LITTLE GIRL/ Summary in simple Words/ Critical appreciation of the lesson – THE LITTLE GIRL


 Kezia was a little girl. She feared her father. She thought that her father was like a giant. He had big hands and a big neck. His mouth was also very big. She always avoided him. She thought that he was very cruel.

Kezia’s father worked in an office. He went to an office in the morning. Before going, he went to the little girl’s room. He gave her a casual kiss. The father went to the office in a carriage. She felt very happy when her father had gone.

In the evening, the little girl’s father came back. He spoke loudly in the house. Kezia feared her father’s loud voice. Her mother would ask her to go and take off his shoes. When she entered his room, he looked at her sternly. Kezia thought that her father was a hard-hearted person.

One day Kezia made a pin-cushion. She wanted to present it to her father on his birthday. She needed paper to stuff the pin-cushions. She found some sheets of paper in her father’s room. She tore the sheets to stuff the pin-cushion. Her father had written an important speech on them. He was very angry with her. He took a stick and beat her severely. He told her not to touch anything that did not belong to her. Kezia wept bitterly. She wondered why God had made fathers. Now she trembled even at the sight of her father.

 One day, Kezia saw her neighbour, Mr Macdonald. He was playing with his children. They all looked very happy. But Kezia’s father never played with her. Now she thought that there were different kind of fathers in the world. Her own father was very cruel.

 After a few days, Kezia’s mother became ill. Her grandmother took her to the hospital. Kezia was alone in the house with the nurse. She had to sleep alone in her bedroom. At night, she had a horrible dream. She saw that there was a botcher with a knife. She was terrified. She gave a loud cry. Her father came into her room. He lifted her and took her to his own bed. She lay beside her father. He was tired and fell asleep before her. She was lost in thoughts. She thought that he had to work hard every day. He came in the evening. Then he was too tired to play with her. She thought that it was her fault to tear those important papers. She realised that her father was not bad. He had a big and loving heart.

Summary (2)

Kezia’s father was a busy man. He was so much lost in his business that he had no time for his family. Being an over-disciplined man, he was strict with Kezia as well. He never had those soft feelings for his little daughter nor did he pat her for a while. All he did was giving her a perfunctory kiss rather than a loving one. His presence at home frightened Kezia and she felt relieved when he was gone. Kezia was able to speak without stuttering but in her father’s presence, she stuttered and had all those speech problems. In an attempt to speak normally in her formidable father’s presence, she stuttered. In spite of all, Kezia’s father had a loving heart.

The Macdonalds who lived next door had an exuberant, lively, playful family. Looking through the vegetable garden-wall, Kezia saw the five children playing with their father, turning a hose at him and the father tickling the children. When compared with her scary father who never played with her, Kezia saw the height of love between father and children next door and she loved the Macdonald family.

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