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By | September 22, 2023
The Beggar Word Meaning with Hindi edumantra.net

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from The Beggar. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying The Beggar Word Meanings from Moments Class 9.”

Hard Words : The Beggar Page No.-56

Kind = gentle, caring (दयालु), Pity = compassion, mercy (दया), Lodging = accommodation, stay (ठहरने की जगह), Intrigues = plots, schemes (साजिशें), Calumny = slander, defamation (झूठा आरोप), Mendicant = beggar, pauper (भिक्षुक), Overshoes = shoe covers, galoshes (जूतों के ऊपर पहनने वाला आवरण), Expelled = ousted, removed (निकाल दिया गया),

Mumbled = murmured, whispered (मुँह में गुनगुनाया), Flushed = reddened, blushed (लाल हो जाना), Advocate = lawyer, attorney (वकील), Suppliant = petitioner, pleader (याचक), Dull = unexciting, bland (सुस्त), Ragged = tattered, worn-out (फटे हुए), Province = region, territory (प्रदेश),

Ashamed = embarrassed, guilty (शरमिंदा), Lying = untruthful, deceitful (झूठ बोलना), Disgust = revulsion, aversion (घृणा)

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The Beggar Difficult Words in English No.-57

Dishonesty = deceit, untruthfulness (असच्चाई), Swindling = cheating, fraud (धोखा), Fiction = made-up, falsehood (कल्पना), Choir = singing group, vocal ensemble (गायन दल), Drunkenness = inebriation, intoxication (नशा), Chop = cut, hew (काटना), Skilled = expert, proficient (कुशल),

Scarecrow = thin, ragged person (भूसा डराने वाला पुतला), Perplexity = confusion, puzzlement (उलझन), Irresolutely = uncertainly, hesitantly (अनिश्चितता से), Undermined = weakened, damaged (कमजोर किया हुआ), Vodka = alcoholic drink, spirit (शराब), Toil = hard work, labor (मेहनत),

Dining-room = eating area, meal space (भोजन कक्ष), Wrathfully = angrily, furiously (क्रोध से), Companion = partner, associate (साथी), Shed = storage, outhouse (शेड)  

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson The Beggar Page No.-58

Pseudo-teacher = fake teacher, imposter (नकली शिक्षक), Lost in thought = daydreaming, pondering (सोच में डूबा), Axe = cutting tool, hatchet (कुल्हाड़ी), Scold = chastise, reprove (फटकारना), Irresolutely = hesitantly, doubtfully (अनिश्चितता से), Billet = log, timber (लकड़ी की छड़ी),

Freezing = icy, cold (बहुत ठंडा), Menial = basic, lowly (नीच), Labour = work, effort (मेहनत), Waif = stray, outcast (अवारा), Rouble = currency, money (रूबल)  

English Difficult Words of the Lesson The Beggar Page No.-59

Shovel = dig, clear (फावड़ा से खोदना), Wood-shed = lumber storage, timber store (लकड़ी की शेड), Rugs = carpets, floor coverings (कालीन), Mattresses = beddings, sleep pads (गद्दा), Packing = wrapping, boxing (पैक करना), Wagons = carts, vehicles (गाड़ी), Idle = inactive, lazy (आलस्य),

Feebleness = weakness, frailty (दुर्बलता)  , Gloomy = sad, depressed (उदास), Tattered = torn, worn out (फटा हुआ), Objection = opposition, disapproval (आपत्ति), Pleased = happy, satisfied (प्रसन्न), Gallery = upper seating, balcony section (उच्च स्थान),

Copper coins = bronze currency, pennies (तांबे की मुद्रा), Timidly = shyly, hesitantly (डर के साथ), Recognising = identifying, recalling (पहचानना), Notary = legal official, scribe (नोटरी)  

The Beggar Class 9 Word Meaning in English Page No.-60

Delighted = pleased, overjoyed (प्रसन्न), Godson = spiritual son, baptized male child (धार्मिक पुत्र), Roasting = severe criticism, reprimand (डाँटना), Protection = safeguard, shield (सुरक्षा), Pit = hole, abyss (गड्ढा), Grateful = thankful, appreciative (आभारी),

Noble = honorable, upright (महान), Indebted = obliged, owing gratitude (ऋणी), Saved = rescued, protected (बचाया), Sot = drunkard, alcoholic (शराबी), Miserable = unhappy, wretched (दुखी), Ruin = destruction, downfall (विनाश), Unlucky = unfortunate, ill-fated (अभागा), Strain = tone, manner (धुन), Push = nudge, encouragement (प्रोत्साहन), Dragged = pulled, hauled (खींचा), Deeds = actions, works (कार्य),

Grateful = thankful, appreciative (आभारी), Misery = sadness, suffering (दुःख), Shed = drop, release (गिराना), Chief = main, primary (प्रमुख), Opposite = facing, across (सामना), Weep = cry, sob (रोना), Burn = blaze, ignite (जलना), Hell = underworld, netherworld (नरक), Suffered = endured, experienced (भुगतना)

Class 9 The Beggar English To English Word Meaning Page No.-61

Single = one, individual (अकेला), Stick = branch, twig (छड़ी), Stopped = halted, ceased (रोका), Sight = view, glimpse (दृष्टि), Explain = describe, clarify (समझाना), Words = speech, utterance (शब्द), Noble = honorable, distinguished (उद्धात), Deeds = actions, tasks (कार्य),

Change = transformation, shift (परिवर्तन), Set = put, place (रखना), Forget = overlook, neglect (भूलना), Bowed = bent, inclined (झुकना), Departed = left, exited (चला गया), Gallery = balcony, mezzanine (प्रदर्शनी)