NCERT Solutions of The Beggar Class 9

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NCERT Solutions of The Beggar Class 9


 Q.I. Has Lushkoff become a beggar by circumstance or by choice?
Ans. Lushkoff has become a beggar by choice. Earlier he sang in a Russian choir. He was used to drinking. So they turned him out. He could get no job anywhere so he decides to be a beggar.

NCERT Solutions of The Beggar Class 9

Q.2. What reasons does he give to Sergei for his telling lies?
Ans. He tells Sergei that he is jobless. He says that he was a singer in a Russian choir but they had turned hit-out of the job. Now he can’t-do any job. Ile says that if he tells the truth, no one will give him anything. So he can’t get along without tying.

Q.3. Is Lushkoff a willing worker? Why, then, does he agree to chop wood for Sergei?
Ans. No, Lushkoff is not a willing worker. Sergei had caught him telling lies and threatened to call the police. He makes an excuse that he doesn’t find any work to do. When Sergei offers him a job to chop wood for him, he has to agree for it.

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Q.4. Sergei says, “I am happy that my words have taken effect.” Why does he say so? Is he right in saying this?
Ans. Sergei offers a job to Lushkoff to chop wood for him on the first day of every month. Lushkoff makes his appearance on the first of the month and earns half a rouble. Sergei says that he is happy because Lushkoff has acted upon his advice. But he is not right in saying so because Lushkoff has no interest in work but only on money.

Q.5. Lushkoff is earning thirty-five roubles a month. How is he obliged to Sergei for this ?
Ans. Now Lushkoff has been working as a notary. He is earning thirty-five roubles a month. He is obliged to Sergei for giving him a job of chopping wood which has changed him from a beggar to a notary.

Q.6. During their conversation, Lushkoff reveals that sergers cook, Olga, is responsible for the positive change in him. How has Olga saved Lushkoff ?
Ans. Olga is very strict to Lushkoff for his habit of begging and drinking. But she is kind at heart. She rebukes Lushkoff for spoiling his life. She takes pity on him and chops wood for him. This behaviour of hers towards Lushkoff brings a positive change in his life and he stops drinking. In this way, Olga saves Lushkoff’ life.

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