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The Beggar Introduction Class 9

This is the story of Lushkoff, a beggar. He earns a little by telling lies and thus evoking sympathy in his listeners. One day he comes across Sergei, who does not give him alms but offers to give him work. Lushkoff is weak and unwilling to do the laborious job of chopping wood. But the job is somehow done.
He gives up begging. Years later when Sergei comes across Lushkoff, he is no longer a beggar but a respectable notary. Then he discloses the fact that it was Sergei’s maidservant who had chopped the wood for him. This act of her kindness had influenced him so much that his whole life was changed.

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(यह लशकॉफ नामक एक भिखारी की कहानी है । वह झूठ बोलकर एवं अपने श्रोताओं के मन में सहानुभूति पैदा करके थोड़ा –बहुत कमाता है । एक दिन उसकी मुलाकात सरजई से होती है जो उसे भीख नहीं देता, मगर उसे काम देने की पेशकश करता है । लशकॉफ कमजोर है और लकड़ी काटने का मेहनती काम करने की उसकी इच्छा नहीं है ।
मगर किसी तरह काम हो जाता है । वह भीख मांगना छोड़ देता है। कई साल बाद जब सरजई  लशकॉफ से मुलाकात होती है तो वह अब भिखारी नहीं, बल्कि सम्मानजनक नोटरी है । तब वह भेद खोलता है कि उसके लिए सरजई की नौकरानी लकड़ी काटा करती थी । उसके इस नेक काम ने उसको इतना प्रभावित किया कि उसका सारा जीवन बदल गया ।)

The Beggar Introduction Class 9 (2) :

Some people get into bad habits and find it difficult to quit on their own. Compassion, concern and care from fellow humans go a long way in reforming such people. There is always hope for a renewed and better life if one gets kindness from others.

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