8. Story Writing Solved Example- Give Me My Family

Question- Vikrant, an adorable curly-haired boy, was a happy-go-lucky child just two years ago. He had a mother who adored him, a father who gave him the warmest hugs and a sister who played with him and kept his company. His happiness, however, was short-lived. The happy times are now sad, painful memories. Write a story about a boy how he becomes now orphan.

Answer.                                                                        Give Me My Family

 One cold and rainy December night, Vikrant and his family were driving up to Connaught Place to visit his grandmother. It was his grandmother’s sixty-third birthday and the family wanted to celebrate it with a simple dinner. Large drops of water covered the windscreen of the car. The cars on the road looked a blur. Because it was pouring so heavily, Vikrant’s father had a tough time looking out for traffic. When the car in front of him braked unexpectedly he was unable to break his car in time. Their car collided into the blue car in front of them. The whole family was seriously hurt in the accident. Vikrant was saved only because he was small and he was thrown against the back of the driver’s seat which cushioned his fall. The ambulance came too late. They managed only to bring him alive to the hospital. Now, Vikrant lives with his grandmother. Whenever he runs and plays in school, he looks just like any other happy child. The sad lines on his loveable face only appear when he is alone.

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