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By | August 26, 2023
A Question of Trust Character Sketch

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A Question of Trust Character Sketch

1 Horace Danby: Horace Danby was about fifty years old and unmarried. Everyone thought him a good and honest citizen. He was otherwise very well and happy except for attacks of hay fever in summer. He made locks and was fairly successful at his business. Horace Danby was good and respectable but not completely honest. He used to rob a safe every year. He used to do so because he needed money to buy books. He had a passion for buying rare and costly books. He would rob only the rich person. He never hurt anyone and carried no weapon with him. He was not very aggressive and didn’t want to go to prison.

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2. The Lady in Red: The lady in red is gifted with a rare personality. She is full of confidence. She acts like a perfect actress presenting herself as the lady of the house. Even the dog was rubbing against her in a friendly manner. In a very subtle way, she told Horace that she wanted to wear the jewels in the safe to a party that night. She made him open the safe without gloves. Horace willingly hands over the jewels and she decamps with them.

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Theme of the Lesson – of A Question of Trust

‘A Question of Trust’ is based on the robbery committed in a house at Shot over Grange. Two professional thieves and burglars come face to face while on the same mission of robbing a safe in the house. Both of them made elaborate preparations to make the theft a complete success. Horace Danby robbed a safe every year only to buy rare and expensive books. He was caught red-handed by a lady in red. The young lady in red was also a thief but she presented herself as the lady of the house. Horace, in confusion, requested her to go away. She threatened to call the police. At last, a compromise was reached. The cost of Horace’s freedom was settled. He was to open the safe and hand over the jewels to her. Horace thought that he was opening the safe for the lady of the house. He handed the jewels over to her and went out happily. He had forgotten to wear his gloves and left his fingerprints on the safe. After two days, Horace was arrested on the basis of those fingerprints left on the safe. A grey-haired sixty years old lady, the wife of the owner of the house stated that Horace’s story was nonsense.

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