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By | August 13, 2020

Packing is one of the chapters taken from Beehive. It is well explained through Packing Introduction, Message, Theme of Packing, Title, Packing Characters, Summary in English, Summary in Hindi of Packing, Packing Word meanings, Complete lesson in Hindi Packing, Extracts of Packing, Long answers, Short answers, Packing Very short Answers, MCQs of Packing and much more.


By- Jerome K. Jerome


1. What did the author pride himself about?

     (A) buying                                                                      (B) selling

    (C) packing                                                                      (D) cheating

     Ans. (C) packing

2. Who is the author of the lesson ‘ Packing’?

      (A) Jerome K. Jerome                                              (B) George

      (C) Harris                                                                       (D) Montmorency

       Ans. (A) Jerome K. Jerome

3. Who offered to do packing first of all?

     (A) the author                                                              (B) George

     (C) Harris                                                                        (D) none of the above

      Ans. (A) the author

4. What irritates Jerome K. Jerome the most?

     (A) seeing other people doing packing              (B) seeing other people doing nothing

     (C) going on a journey                                              (D) all of the above

     Ans. (B) seeing other people doing nothing

5. What did the author pack first of all?

     (A) baskets                                                                    (B) suitcase

     (C) bag                                                                             (D) hampers

     Ans. (C) bag

6. What did the author forget to pack in the bag?

     (A) tooth-brush                                                           (B) tobacco box

     (C) tooth-paste                                                            (D) boots

     Ans. (A) boots

7. What thing haunts the author while travelling?

     (A) tooth-brush                                                           (B) tooth-paste

     (C) tobacco box                                                           (D) boots

     Ans. (A) tooth-brush

8. Where did the author find the tooth-brush finally?

     (A) inside a book                                                                         (B) inside a pocket

     (C) inside a boot                                                                          (D) he did not find it

     Ans. (C) inside a boot

9. When did the author pack the bag finally?

      (A) 9.05 p.m                                                                                 (B) 10.05 p.m

      (C) 11.05 p.m                                                                               (D) 12.05 a.m

      Ans. (B) 10.05 p.m

10.Who started packing the hampers ?

       (A) Jerome K. Jerome.                                                           (B) George

       (C) Harris                                                                                      (D) both (B) and (C)

        Ans. (D) both (B) and (C)

11. Who was the worst packer in the world?

       (A) Jerome K. Jerome                                                             (B) George

       (C) Harris                                                                                      (D) Montmorency

       Ans. (C) Harris

12. What did George and Harris start the packing with?

       (A) breaking a cup                                                                    (B) breaking a plate

       (C) breaking ajar                                                                        (D) breaking a kettle

       Ans. (A) breaking a cup

13. Who trod on the butter?

        (A) the author                                                                           (B) George

        (C) Harris                                                                                      (D) Montmorency

        Ans. (B) George

14. What was the name of the dog?

       (A) Tommy                                                                                  (B) Jonny

       (C) Taffy                                                                                        (D) Montmorency

    Ans. (D) Montmorency

15. George put the butter on a chair. What happened then?

       (A) Harris sat on the chair and butter stuck to him      (B) the dog ate it

       (C) the author ate it                                                                 (D) George ate it

        Ans. (A) Harris sat on the chair and butter stuck to him

16. What did the three friends toss for?

         (A) packing                                                                                (B) butter                                                                         

         (C) beds                                                                                      (D) all of the above

          Ans. (C) beds

17. What did Montmorency do to the jam?

        (A) he ate it                                                                                (B) he puts his leg into the jam

        (C) he tumbled it over                                                           (D) he jumped over it

       Ans. (B) he puts his leg into the jam

18. Montmorency pretended that lemons were :

        (A) rats                                                                                         (B) rabbits

        (C) cats                                                                                         (D) all of the above

        Ans. (A) rats

19. When did they finally decide to get up the next morning?

      (A) at 4.30 a.m                                                                             (B) at 5.30 a.m

      (C) at 6.30 a.m                                                                             (D) at 7.30 p.m

      Ans. (C) at 6.30 a.m

20.When was the packing done ?

        (A) at 12.50 a.m                                                                        (B) at 1.00 a.m

        (C) at 1.30 a.m                                                                           (D) at 1.50 a.m

        Ans. (A) at 12.50 a.m

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