My Childhood- Quick Review of Chapter

By | February 28, 2023
My Childhood- Quick Review of Chapter


By- A.P.J. Abdul Kalam


1. Abdul Kalam was born at—

     (A) Dhanuskodi                                            (B) Rameswaram

     (C) New Delhi                                               (D) none of the above

     Ans. (B) Rameswaram

2. The name of the book written by Abdul Kalam is—

   (A) Wings of Fire                                                           (B) My Childhood

   (C) My Autobiography                                                                (D) Wings of Science

   Ans. (A) Wings of Fire

3. How old was Abdul Kalam when the Second World War broke out in 1939.

    (A) eight years                                                              (B) nine years

    (C) ten years                                                                  (D) eleven years

   Ans. (A) eight years

4. Who of the following was not Abdul Kalam’s close friends At school?

     (A) Ramanadha Sastry. (B) Aravindan

     (C) Sivaprakasan (D) Samsuddin

      Ans. (D) Samsuddin

5The first that earned money for Abdul Kalam was

     (A) collecting and selling tamarind seeds          (B) collecting and selling newspapers

     (C) Both (A) and (B)                                                   (D) none of the above

    Ans. (A) collecting and selling tamarind seeds

6. Who was Abdul Kalam sitting with when the new teacher asked him to sit on the last bench?

    (A) Aravindan                                                                (B) Ramanadha Sastry

    (C) Sivaprakasan                                                           (D) none of the above

    Ans. (B) Ramanadha Sastry

7. Which symbol represented Abdul Kalam as a Muslim boy?

     (A) ‘he spoke Urdu                                                     (B) he wore black clothes

     (C) he wore a cap                                                        (D) all of the above

    Ans. (C) he wore a cap

8. What is Dinamani the name of

   (A) a newspaper                                                           (B) a book

   (C) a train                                                                         (D) a friend of Abdul  Kalam

   Ans. (A) a newspaper

9. The name of Abdul Kalam’s father was

      (A) Jainulabdeen                                                         (B) Samsuddin

      (C) Rahimddin                                                             (D) None of the above

     Ans. (A) Jainulabdeen

10. Which religion did Abdul Kalam belong to?

       (A) Muslim                                                                   (B) Hindu

       (C) Christian                                                                (D) Jewish

      Ans. (A) Muslim

11. Abdul Kalam was born in a

       (A) rich family                                                             (B) poor family

       (C) middle-class family                                            (D) political family

       Ans. (C) middle-class family

12. Abdul Kalam became the 11th of India.

       (A) President (B) Prime Minister

       (C) Chief Justice (D) Army Chief

        Ans. (A) President

13. Who was Sivasubramania lyer ?

        (A) Abdul Kalam’s new teacher in 5th standard (B) Abdul Kalam’s science teacher

        (C) Both (A) and (B)                                                                     (D) None of the above

        Ans. (B) Abdul Kalam’s science teacher

14. In which state of India is Rameswaram?

        (A) Andhra Pradesh (C) Tamilnadu

        (B) Kerala (D) Karnatka

       Ans. (C) Tamilnadu