Letter to Editor on Dowry System

By | August 23, 2022
Letter to Editor on Dowry System

Letter to Editor on Dowry System about the evil of the dowry system in our society. The dowry system is a stigma in our society. It is an insult to women.


 Letter to Editor on Dowry System condemning the social evil of the dowry system.


16 Pushp Vihar
April 10 2020
The Editor
The Indian Express
Sub:- Evil of Dowry System
Kindly publish the following few lines about the evil of the dowry system in our society. The dowry system is a stigma in our society. It is an insult to women. It is a matter of shame for men. The greed for dowry has taken the lives of many innocent girls. They are tortured physically as well as mentally. Many a time they are burnt alive. Though we have a law that disallows the giving and taking 6f dowry, yet this evil is spreading day by day. We can’t end it merely by shouting slogans and holding demonstrations. A woman will have to become bold. They should have an education and should become economically self-dependent. They should refuse to marry dowry-seekers. Men should also try to wash off this unholy stigma. They should take a vow not to demand or accept any dowry at the time of their marriage. It is only by exercising a strong will-power that this evil can be ended.
Yours truly
R.K. Gupta

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The evil of dowry is spreading its wings and this scourge is gripping our society tightly. Dowry is a social evil. Young girls are being sacrificed at the altar of dowry. Write a letter to the editor of a reputed newspaper giving your views and comments on the custom of dowry.
21, Ram Bagh
September 18, 2020
The Editor
The Times of India
New Delhi.
Subject: Expressing concern over Dowry—The Social Evil
Through the column of your esteemed daily, I would like to draw the kind attention of the concerned authorities and common masses towards the custom of dowry which is inflicting untold miseries on our young sisters.We boast of women’s liberation movement but the need for a huge d owry to many of a girl proves that a girl is still inferior. It is a fact that a girl will never be on par with a boy as long as the dowry system prevails.
Parents think that only a handsome dowry can ensure the happiness of their daughters. They face humiliations, miseries and incur huge debts simply because of this evil practice of dowry. Parents think that their daughter will not get respect at her in-law’s house if she is not given a handsome dowry. We live in an enlightened era but the sons are auctioned and sold off to the highest bidder. How detestable it is!
We need social sanctions rather than legal sanctions to eradicate this evil of dowry. Legal steps devoid of proper awakening prove to be coercive and create bitterness. The futility and inhumanity of this custom must be understood. Girls should not be treated as commodities. Girls should be educated and made economically independent. The would-be husbands and wives should take a pledge that no dowry will be involved in their marriages. Only they and nobody else can bring about a social change. They should fight against this degrading custom and eradicate it once and for all.
Yours sincerely,
Manohar Pandey

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Rohit Kumar after reading the following newspaper article writes a letter to the editor of a local newspaper giving his strong views. On the disadvantage of this project and making an appeal to the Government to reconsider its decision. Using ideas from the unit of ‘Children together with your own idea, complete this letter in the space provided.
Cable T.V. out. of Cinematograph’s Act’s Purview
New Delhi: 6 Oct., The Union Cabinet has finally decided to exclude cable T.V.from the purview of Indian Cinematograph Act 1950 which would have made it obligatory to seek licenses. This has given birth to scathing criticism on the likely invasion of an alien culture on our moral and social values.

328-Nilgiri Apartments
New Delhi-9
March 5, 2020
The Editor.
The Times of India
Bahadur Shah 7afar Marg
New Delhi-5
Sub: Invasion of an alien culture on our moral and social values.
Through your newspaper, I want to express my grave concern over the decision of the Union Cabinet to exclude cable T.V. from the purview of the Indian Cinematograph Act 1950. I think it might be fulfilling the vested interests of sonic people but it is full of health and moral hazard for the common people. As the cable T.V. operators do not have the obligation to seek licenses.
So they are at liberty to choose and relay the programmes of their own choice. Most often they switch over to either unpaid or free channels rather than the paid ones. These free channels exhibit vulgarity. Sexy, violent, fashion, and shows on alien culture having the least consideration for moral and social values. You know that nature we are all addicted to vice and follow them more easily and the people call it advancement. The Modem youth is prone to overdoses of this imported alien culture. Its expansion is also putting a direct impact on the other strata of the society as well if some restraint is not imposed on the T.V. cables.
Hence the government is requested to reconsider its decision. I hope my views will be appreciated by others and they will join me in the protest.
Yours faithfully,
Rohit Kumar

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