115. Short Essay and Article on : The Evil of the Dowry System

Geeta Kochhar, a student of class XII feels highly disturbed when she reads about a bride burning case in the city of Sripur where she lives. She decides to write an article on the evil of the dowry system for the National Daily Hamara Hindustan. Write the article in a maximum of 200 words.

Ans:-                                        THE EVIL OF THE DOWRY SYSTEM

The recent bride burning case in the city of Sripur has once again proved that the evil of dowry system in our society has assumed an alarming proportion. The dowry system is a stigma in our society. It is an insult to women. It is a matter of shame for men. The greed of dowry has taken the lives of many innocent girls. They are tortured physically as well as mentally. Many a time they are burnt alive, as has recently happened here in the city of Sripur. Though we have a law which disallows the giving and taking of dowry, yet this evil is spreading day by day. We can’t end it merely by shouting slogans and holding demonstrations. Women will have to become bold. They should be educated so that they can become economically self-dependent. They should refuse to marry dowry-seekers. They should stand up boldly against the greedy in-laws who pester them for money and valuables after their marriage. Men should also try to wash off this dirty stigma. They should take a vow not to demand or accept any dowry at the time of their marriage. It is only by exercising strong will power that this evil can be ended.

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