The Lake Isle of Innisfree Summary in English

By | February 25, 2023
The Lake Isle of Innisfree Summary in English

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The Lake Isle of Innisfree Summary in English

By- W.B. Yeats

The Lake Isle of Innisfree is a beautiful lyric by W.13 Yeats. In this poem, the poet says that he is fed up with his present life. He will go to Innisfree, the land of his childhood. He will make there a small cabin with mud and wood. He will grow bean plants and have a beehive and live there alone.
The poet says that he will have complete peace of mind at Innisfree land. the lie will enjoy the sweet weather of the morning time. Innisfree land glimmers at midnight becomes purple at noon and full of small sparrows in the evening. The poet says that he will go there forever and enjoy the beauty of nature all through his life. He will hear the lapping sound of the lake’s water and he will hear this sound in the deep heart’s core.

The Lake Isle of Innisfree Summary in English (2) :

William Butler Yeats spent most part of his life in Dublin and London. But as a young boy, he had frequently spent his summers on the Isle of Innisfree, a tiny uninhabited island within the Lake Lough Gill in County Sligo in northwestern Ireland. Later when he lived in the crowded and noisy city, he felt a strong desire to go back to the Isle of Innisfree.
In the first quatrain, the poet describes how he would live in Innisfree. The opening line suggests his determination to go there. This is followed by his plan to be away from the restless life of cities and lead a very calm and simple life all by himself. He will make a small cottage of clay and sticks and grow his own beans on a small piece of land in Innisfree. He will have honey from his own hive. The poet has a deep longing to lead the life in the lap of nature listening to the music of the bees.
In the second quatrain, the poet gives some glimpses of the life that he expects to find in Innisfree. In such a place, he will find peace. The pace of life will be slower and Nature will take over. He will thus breathe calmness in the morning and enjoy the brilliance of the midnight. The purple-coloured light of the noon, as well as the flying birds in the evening, will he delightful experiences for him. The magical qualities of day and night in Innisfree are the reasons that he wants to go there.
In the third and the last quatrain, the poet reiterates the need to fulfil his desire. It is strengthened by his memories of the waves of the Lake producing mild music while striking against the shore. His longing is further increased when he contrasts life in cities with that in the natural surroundings. Standing on the pavement or a roadway amidst traffic and crowds, he yearns for the idyllic island and listens to the music of the waves deep in his heart. His desire to escape urban life becomes an obsession in this quatrain and Innisfree lurks in his heart as a symbol of peace and happiness.