Keeping Quiet Short Question Answer English

By | November 8, 2023
Keeping Quiet Short Questions and Answers

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Keeping Quiet Short Question Answer English

                                       By- Pablo Neruda

1. What is the poet’s appeal to the people?

 Ans. The poet appeals to all the people to count up to twelve and then to be completely silent. During this period of silence, he urges them to remain calm and stop all physical activity. He only wants peace during this time.

2. To attain this, what does he expect all of us to do?

 Ans. The poet expects all mankind to shun all activity, remain silent and indulge in introspection in order to understand the meaning of life, their own destructive activities and make amends.

3. Why does he advocate silence?

 Ans. He advocates silence because according to him, it is only during the few seconds of silence and inactivity, that man will be able to take stock of his harmful activities and then try to practise harmony and brotherhood in the world.

4. What kind of activity does the poet feel is a man involved in?

Ans. Man is involved in a large number of destructive activities. He is creating noise pollution, environmental pollution, destroying wildlife and marine life. He is waging wars and is also destroying his own fellow men.

5. What does the poet mean by ‘exotic moment’ and how can man achieve it?

 Ans. By ‘exotic moment’ the poet means the moments of silence and inactivity which will be extraordinary and memorable because man will reflect on his activities and hence be able to make amends. This exotic moment can only be achieved through total silence and inactivity even it is for a few seconds.

6. What kind of a feeling would this exotic moment evoke?

 Ans. This feeling may be strange because it is not easy to imagine a situation of complete peace and silence. According to the poet, this moment might remove our sadness of never understanding ourselves and indulged in self-destructive activities.

7. What harm do the fishermen do and why do the salt gatherers hands hurt?

 Ans. The fishermen harm marine life by killing the whales in the seas and hastening their extinction. The salt gatherers’ hands hurt because the harsh and coarse feel of salt causes discomfort and pain to their hands.

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8. What are the kinds of wars mentioned in the poem?

Ans. The poet mentions green wars, i.e., wars that man is waging against nature hence causing environmental degradation, wars with gas and fire or using harmful biological and nuclear weapons to cause maximum destruction to life and property. War with fire refers to the conventional mode of combat.

9. What can be the consequence of the war in our lives?

Ans. The poet observes that wars cause death and destruction. It leaves behind no survivors and hence no victory for anyone. It is an ironical situation which can be avoided if a man takes action and decides never to wage wars.

10. What could be an ideal situation according to the poet?

Ans. The poet strongly maintains that the ideal situation would be when people can happily walk hand in hand under shady trees i.e. amidst a cool and harmonious atmosphere. They will then practise oneness, unity and brotherhood.

11. How is inactivity different from death? What does the poet mean by `to have no truck with death’?

 Ans. According to the poet total inactivity only means a temporary stillness, whereas death means the end of life. ‘No truck with death’ means that the poet does not want any association with death. He only urges mankind to halt harmful activities for a few seconds.

12. What are we single-minded about?

Ans. The poet feels that individuals only think about keeping our lives moving at all costs, and in the process lose sight of their goals. People only yearn for progress and fulfilment of ambitions, and that remains the only focus while they are alive. Man is single-minded in his pursuit of wealth, supremacy and territorial acquisition.

13. What, according to the poet, causes sadness?

Ans. Mindless destructive activities cause sadness in our lives. Behaviour that threatens mankind leads to sadness and unhappiness.

14. What can the Earth teach us? How?

 Ans. Earth can teach us to be productive and useful even when there is silence. The Earth nurtures all living beings, plants and animals and quietly maintains the balance in nature. It helps in the rebirth of a new life. We can all learn to be productive yet silent.

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15. How does Earth prove to be alive?

 Ans. The earth nurtures life and brings forth a new form. There is a regeneration of every living thing on this earth and all things that die, are reborn and the cycle of life moves on.

16. How would keep quiet affect life in and around the sea?  [All India 2017]

Ans. In the state of stillness and silence, the fishermen will not harm the already endangered whales. In the same way, the salt gatherers whose hands get hurt during the salt gathering process, will stop for a while and rest their hands and do some introspection.

17. What will ‘counting up to twelve and keeping still’ help us to achieve?

Ans. Counting up to twelve and keeping still will help us to reach an understanding with each other and to introspect. We will be able to realize the real impact of our selfish actions on each other and, finally, on the entire humanity.

18.  Which symbol from nature does the poet invoke that there can be life under apparent stillness?

Ans. The poet uses ‘Earth’ as a symbol to invoke that there can be life under apparent stillness. The Earth seems ‘still’ from outside but is alive and vibrant deep within. Similarly, our silence can help us to maintain a harmonious life on Earth and stop the destruction.

19. ‘Life is what it is all about.’ How is keeping quietly related to life?

Ans. ‘Keeping quiet’ is related to life because, in order to live a complete life, one must live life Atoll India In order to live a quality life, which is full of happiness, peace and satisfaction, we must develop a habit of thinking deeply and this can be achieved through introspection.

20. Why does one feel a sudden strangeness on counting to twelve and keeping quiet?

Ans. When one keeps quiet and stops all his selfish actions and takes a break from the monotonous routine’ one gets time to introspect and analyse one’s actions. This brings a feeling of sudden strangeness’

21. How will keeping quiet protect our environment?        

Ans. Keeping quiet refers to as stopping all activities for a moment and introspect. This will help us to analyse the kind of deeds we are doing for our selfish purpose but which harm nature. This moment will make us understand the fact that harmony with nature is very essential for the survival of mankind.

22.who will possibly be the effect of ‘keeping quiet’?                                                     

Ans. Keeping quiet will result in a mutual understanding among all human beings. We will be able to understand the fact that the balance between nature and human beings is essential for our existence on Earth.

23. Which is the exotic moment that the poet refers to in ‘Keeping Quiet’?

Ans. The poet refers to the exotic moment when everyone would be silent and still and there would be no noise or mad race. It will evoke an environment of peace and quietness with no conflicts, quarrels, agreements or wars. This moment will bring a sense of togetherness among all human beings.

24. What is the sadness the poet refers to in the poem “Keeping Quiet”?

Ans. The poet refers to the sadness which will arise due to the total destruction of mankind. According to the poet, if the people have no time to think and retrospect, it will lead to the end of life on earth and a huge silence will follow.

25. How, according to Neruda, can keeping quiet change our attitude to life?

Ans. According to the poet, if we keep quiet for a moment to introspect and cease our selfish and destructive actions, it will lead to a change in our attitude to life.

26. Which images in the poem ‘Keeping Quiet’ show that the poet condemns violence?

Ans. Pablo Neruda gives the images of ‘green war’, ‘war with gas’ and ‘wars with fire’ and then associate these wars with ‘victory with no survivors’. This is to emphasise the fact that wars will bring an end to the entire human race. This shows that he condemns violence.

27. What are the different types of wars mentioned in the poem? What is Neruda’s attitude towards them?                                                                                             

Ans. Pablo Neruda has mentioned ‘green wars’, ‘wars with fire’ and ‘wars with gas’. The poet does not appreciate the concept of war. He condemns it by saying that these wars will result in victory with no survivors. So instead of these wars and conflicts, we must develop the concept of mutual understanding and co-existence.

28. How can the suspension of activities help?                                                

Ans. The suspension of activities will help us to introspect. It will provide enough time from the mad rush and selfish actions, when we all are able to ponder and analyse our own actions and attitude and finally develop mutual understanding and realise the importance of co-existence.

29. Do you think the poet, Pablo Neruda, advocates total inactivity and death? Why/Why not?

Ans. The poet does not advocate ‘total inactivity because he has a firm belief in life. He wants everyone to live a complete life full of peace and contentment. He wants everyone to take a break from the hectic schedule and introspect for a while to improve the quality of life.

30. Why is Pablo Neruda against total inactivity?

Ans. The poet is against total inactivity because it means death whereas the poet has a firm belief in only wishes us to take a break from the hectic, aimless life and introspect.

31. What does the poet want all the perpetrators of war to do?

Ans. The poet wants them to make their conscience clean from envy and selfish motives. They shook’ stop fighting and develop an understanding of peace among human beings.

32. What, according to the poet, will be the ultimate end of a man if the present scenario of wars and conflict continues?

Ans. According to Neruda, if the present scenario of war and destruction continues, it will lead to total destruction of humanity. We all will perish and nobody will be left to celebrate the victory.

33. How, according to the poet, our state of mind will be changed if we maintain silence and suspend activity for a white?

Ans. The poet believes that if we all stop for a moment to introspect and realize the impact of our actions. then we will be able to understand the need to be together and develop a mutual understanding for the survival on earth. This realization will bring a change in our state of mind and our attitude towards each other.