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By | November 8, 2023
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In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from Freedom. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying Freedom Word Meanings from Kaleidoscope Class 12.”

Hard Words : Freedom Page No.- 119

Perfectly = totally, fully (पूरी तरह), Evidently = clearly, plainly (स्पष्टतया), Lifetime = lifespan, existence (जीवनकाल), Undress = disrobe, strip (कपड़े उतारना), Slaves = servants, subordinates (दास),

Necessities = needs, essentials (आवश्यकताएं), Monarchs = kings, rulers (राजा), Humble = modest, lowly (विनम्र), Labourers = workers, employees (मज़दूर), Additional = extra, more (अतिरिक्त),

Slavery = bondage, servitude (दासता), Childbearing = birthing, childbirth (प्रसव), Peopled = populated, settled (बसाया हुआ), Shirked = avoided, dodged (तालना),

Provide = supply, give (प्रदान करना), Fireplaces = hearths, mantels (अंगीठी), Streets = roads, lanes (सड़कें), Nakedness = nudity, bareness (नग्नता)

Freedom Difficult Words in English Page No.- 120

Produced = made, crafted (उत्पादित), Human labour = work, effort (मानव श्रम), Stolen = taken, swiped (चोरी किया), Bees = insects, bugs (मधुमक्खी),

Lazy = idle, slow (आलसी), Slave = servant, captive (दास), Force = power, strength (बल), Fraud = deceit, scam (धोखाधड़ी), Trickery = deceit, scam (छल),

Religious duty = sacred task, holy duty (धार्मिक कर्तव्य), Sacrifice = give up, relinquish (त्यागना), Freedom = liberty, autonomy (स्वतंत्रता), Shoulders = responsibility, burden (जिम्मेदारी), Regulate = control, manage (नियंत्रित करना),

Greed = avarice, desire (लालच), Chattel slavery = ownership, bondage (दासता), Wage slavery = paid labor, exploitation (मज़दूरी), Abolish = end, terminate (समाप्त करना), Employment = job, work (रोजगार),

Glorious triumph = great win, victory (विजय), Democratic = free, representative (लोकतांत्रिक)

English Class 12 Chapter Freedom Good Word Meaning Page No.- 121

Kind = caring, gentle (दयालु), Forces = compels, obliges (मजबूर करता है), Pleasant = nice, enjoyable (सुखद), Afford = manage, bear (खर्च करना), Firesides = hearths, homes (अंगीठी),

Resenting = opposing, disliking (आपत्ति करना), Satisfaction = contentment, pleasure (संतुष्टि), Tramp = wanderer, vagrant (आवारा),

Opposite = different, contrary (विपरीत), Hateful = detestable, loathsome (घिनौना), Spirit = soul, essence (आत्मा), Prophets = seers, visionaries (पैगंबर), Extremity = limit, end (चरम सीमा), Cruelty = brutality, harshness (क्रूरता),

Civil war = internal conflict, strife (गृह युद्ध), Class war = social conflict, strife (वर्ग संघर्ष), Peaceful = calm, tranquil (शांत), Abolition = end, termination (समापन), Compulsion = force, obligation (मजबूरी),

Master class = ruling class, elite (शासक वर्ग), Parliaments = legislatures, assemblies (संसद), Desperate efforts = strong tries, urgent attempts (उत्कट प्रयास), Forefathers = ancestors, predecessors (पूर्वज), Armada = fleet, navy (युद्ध नौसेना)

Freedom Class 12 Chapter English Difficult Words Page No.- 122

Trafalgar = naval battle, sea conflict (त्राफल्गर), Unintentionally = accidentally, unknowingly (अनजाने में), Empires = kingdoms, realms (साम्राज्य),

Republics = democracies, states (गणराज्य), Grumble = complain, moan (शिकायत करना), Miseries = pain, distress (दुख-दर्द),

Factory Acts = labor laws, work rules (फैक्टरी अधिनियम), Wages Boards = pay committees, salary panels (मजदूरी बोर्ड), Dole = aid, welfare (भत्ता), Protest = oppose, object (विरोध करना), Imposture = fraud, deceit (छल), Atheists = non-believers, skeptics (नास्तिक),

Libertines = debauchees, immoral persons (अनैतिक), Criminal offence = illegal act, crime (अपराध), Revolution = rebellion, uprising (क्रांति), Restore = bring back, reinstate (पुनः स्थापित करना),

Slave order = servitude, bondage (गुलामी व्यवस्था), Victory = triumph, win (विजय), Mourning = grieving, lamenting (शोक, Abuse = mistreatment, insult (गाली), Calumnies = slanders, lies (कलंकन), Tyrants = oppressors, dictators (तानाशाह)

Class 12 Freedom Chapter Word Meaning in English Page No.- 123

Prodigious = huge, vast (विशाल), Humbug = deceit, nonsense (धोखा), Delude = mislead, fool (भ्रमित करना), Enslaved masses = oppressed, subjugated (गुलाम जनसमूह), Falsified history = altered, modified (बदला हुआ इतिहास), Dishonest political economy = biased, unfair (अईमान अर्थशास्त्र),

Snobbery = elitism, arrogance (अहंकार), Common run = ordinary, usual (सामान्य), Brush his clothes = clean, tidy (कपड़े साफ़ करना), Agreeable situation = pleasant, favorable (सुखमय स्थिति), Merits = virtues, qualities (गुण),

Rack-rented = overcharged, exploited (अधिक मूल्य), Underpaid = low-paid, undercompensated (कम वेतन), Disgust = aversion, repulsion (घृणा), Kick over the traces = rebel, resist (विद्रोह),

Gangsterism = crime, lawlessness (अपराध), Napoleonic genius = brilliance, mastery (प्रतिभा), Emperor = ruler, monarch (सम्राट), Ballot paper = voting slip, vote (मतपत्र), Controversy = dispute, argument (विवाद)

Kaleidoscope English Class 12 Lesson Freedom English To English Word Meaning Page No.- 124

Controversial = disputed, debatable (विवादास्पद), Wireless = radio, cordless (वायरलेस), Dangerous = risky, unsafe (खतरनाक),

Slave = servant, captive (गुलाम), Law and order = governance, peace (कानून और व्यवस्था), First-class carriages = premium, luxury (प्रथम श्रेणी डिब्बे), Expensive cars = costly, high-end (महंगी कारें),

Ignorant idolaters = naive, uninformed (अज्ञानी पूजारी), Obedient workers = compliant, submissive (आज्ञाकारी कामकाजी लोग), Voters = electors, citizens (मतदाता), Enfranchised = empowered, liberated (मताधिकार प्राप्त),

Parliament = assembly, legislature (संसद), Wealth = riches, assets (धन), Artificial products = synthetic, man-made (कृत्रिम उत्पाद), Propaganda = publicity, promotion (प्रचार), Mentality = mindset, thinking (मानसिकता), Prejudice = bias, preconception (पूर्वाग्रह)

Class 12 Chapter Freedom Kaleidoscope Word Meaning English Page No.- 125

Cultivated = Farmed, Grown (कृषि), Agriculturally = Farming-wise, Crop-wise (कृषि संबंधित, Factories = Plants, Mills (कारखाने), Needles = Pins, Pointers (सुई), Cultivate = Grow, Farm (कृषि करना),

Quality = Standard, Grade (गुणवत्ता), Cattle = Livestock, Cows (मवेशी), Chemists = Scientists, Pharmacists (रसायनशास्त्री),

Landlord = Property owner, Lessor (मकान मालिक), Employer = Boss, Job provider (नियोक्ता), Estate = Property, Land (संपत्ति), Chapel = Church, Shrine (गिरजाघर)

Kaleidoscope Class 12 Freedom Difficult Word Meaning English Page No.- 126

Church = chapel, sanctuary (गिरजाघर), Nominee = candidate, choice (उम्मीदवार), Dictate = prescribe, command (निर्देश देना), Melancholy = gloomy, sad (उदास), Unemployed = jobless, inactive (बेरोजगार),

Dictator = autocrat, despot (तानाशाह), Remedy = solution, fix (उपाय), Strike = protest, walkout (हड़ताल), Starve = famish, suffer (भूखा रहना), Perish = die, succumb (मर जाना), Sanction = authorize, approve (मंजूरी),

Possession = ownership, holding (स्वामित्व), Half-holiday = break, recess (छोटी छुट्टी), Fancy = preference, taste (पसंद), Interfere = meddle, intrude (हस्तक्षेप करना), Benighted = ignorant, unenlightened (अज्ञानी), Wireless = radio, broadcast (रेडियो), Dole = aid, relief (भत्ता)

Kaleidoscope Class 12 Chapter Freedom Word Meaning English to Hindi Page No.- 127

Practical = useful, sensible (व्यावहारिक), Politics = policy, affairs (राजनीति), Gassing = chatting, blabbing (बकवास करना), Leisure = free time, ease (अवकाश), Clamouring = demanding, crying out (शोर मचाना),

Parliamentary = legislative, official (संसदीय), Anarchist = rebel, dissenter (अराजकतावादी), Labour = work, effort (श्रम), Fortune = wealth, riches (भाग्य), Mischief = trouble, misbehavior (शरारत),

Idle hands = laziness, inactivity (निष्क्रियता), Champagne = wine, bubbly (शैम्पेन), Conundrum = puzzle, riddle (पहेली), Retire = leave, depart (सेवानिवृत्ति), Talk it over = discuss, deliberate (विचार-विमर्श करना)

Class 12 Kaleidoscope Freedom Word Meaning Vocabulary Page No.- 128

Problem = issue, challenge (समस्या), Discipline = control, training (अनुशासन), Resistance = opposition, defiance (प्रतिरोध), Barrier = obstacle, block (अवरोध), Understanding = comprehension, grasp (समझ), Frame = structure, boundary (ढांचा), Enclosed = surrounded, confined (घिरा हुआ),

Ideas = thoughts, concepts (विचार), Priest = cleric, minister (पुजारी), Tradition = custom, practice (परंपरा), Enclosure = confinement, pen (घेरा), Prison = jail, lockup (जेल), Experiment = test, try out (प्रयोग),

Discover = find out, uncover (खोज), Noble = virtuous, honorable (महान), Presence = company, attendance (उपस्थिति), Significance = importance, meaning (महत्व)

Kaleidoscope Chapter Freedom Word Meaning with Hindi Page No.- 129

Examine = inspect, analyze (जांचना), Values = principles, morals (मूल्य), Conform = follow, fit (अनुकूलन), Imitate = copy, emulate (नकल करना), Imposed = enforced, applied (लागू किया), Inquire = ask, probe (पूछताछ करना),

Alert perception = vigilance, attention (तीव्र धारणा), Inclination = tendency, bias (रुझान), Tenderest age = early years, childhood (नाजुक उम्र),

Intelligence = smarts, intellect (बुद्धि), Thoughtless entity = unthinking, rash (विचारशून्य प्राणी), Prestige = honor, respect (प्रतिष्ठा), Bound = tied, restricted (बंधा हुआ),

Inwardly = inside, internally (आंतरिक रूप से), Outwardly = outside, externally (बाह्य रूप से), Tradition = custom, practice (परंपरा), Conflict = fight, clash (संघर्ष),

Sorrow = misery, woe (दुख), Everlastingly = always, forever (सदैव), Prevented = blocked, barred (रोका हुआ)

Freedom Class 12 English Kaleidoscope Word Meaning Page No.- 130

Contradictory = opposing, conflicting (विरोधी), Clarification = explanation, enlightenment (स्पष्टीकरण), Initiative = first step, action (पहल), Villagers = rural residents, locals (ग्रामीण),

Pittance = small amount, meager pay (अल्प भुगतान), Concerned = worried, anxious (चिंतित), Regard = consideration, respect (सम्मान), Dulled = numbed, desensitized (सुस्त), Centuries = ages, long periods (शताब्दियों),

Blinded = unaware, oblivious (अंधा), Fear = dread, anxiety (भय), Sensitivity = awareness, perceptiveness (संवेदनशीलता), Sympathy = compassion, pity (सहानुभूति), Affection = fondness, love (स्नेह),

Aware = conscious, mindful (जागरूक), Exploiters = users, oppressors (शोषक), Helping hand = assistance, aid (मदद करने वाला हाथ)  

Class 12 English Freedom Chapter Word Meaning Page No.- 131

Self-interest = selfishness, egoism (स्वार्थ), Enclosed = trapped, confined (घिरा हुआ), Appreciation = esteem, regard (सराहना) , Beauty = allure, charm (सुंदरता) , Sensitivity = awareness, empathy (संवेदनशीलता),

Walls of discipline = rules, constraints (अनुशासन की सीमाएँ), Imitation = mimicry, emulation (नक़ल) , Seed of freedom = basis, start (स्वतंत्रता का आधार),

Awaken = rouse, stir (जागृत करना) , Intelligence = smarts, acumen (बुद्धिमत्ता), Tackle = confront, manage (सामना करना)