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Kathmandu Class 9 MCQ

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Kathmandu Class 9 MCQ

1. Who is the author?

(a)Vikram Basu

(b)Vikram Seth

(c)Vikram Goyal

(d)Vikram Sharma

2. The chapter is taken from the book

(a)Lake Heaven

(b)Heaven and Beyond

(c)Heaven Lake

(d)Heaven’s Beauty

3. Who were the author’s companions for visiting two temples in Kathmandu, the next morning?

(a)Mr Shah’s son and nephew

(b)Mr Shah’s niece

(c)Mr Shah’s daughter

(d)Mr Shah’s friend

4. The two temples that the author had planned to visit are most sacred to




(d)Both (a) and (c)

5. What does the sign outside Pashupatinath temple proclaim?

(a)Entrance for Hindus only

(b)Entrance for Muslims only

(c)Entrance for Buddhists only

(d)Entrance for Jains only

6. The atmosphere at the Pashupatinath temple was

(a)Calm and quiet

(b)Utterly chaotic

(c)Quite uncanny

(d)Both (a) and (c)

7. On whose appearance did everyone bow and made way at the temple?

(a)The Nepalese actress

(b)Prime Minister of Nepal

(c)The priest of the temple

(d)The princess of the Nepalese royal house

8. Who was struggling at the main gate to enter the temple?

(a)The poor people

(b)A party of saffron wearing children

(c)A party of saffron-clad Westerners

(d)A political party with saffron as the color code

9. Why were they struggling?

(a)The policeman saw them stealing

(b)They were not Hindus

(c)The policeman was not convinced that they were Hindus

 (d)The temple was already very filled up

10. Amidst the chaos at the temple entrance, a fight broke out between

(a)The policeman and the saffron-clad westerners

(b)Two monkeys

(c)Two dogs

(d)The monkey and the policeman

11. According to the author, the music of the flute displays the _________ of mankind





12. How many kinds of flutes are mentioned in the chapter





13. The author realized that he can get very much affected by a familiar phrase on Bansuri after visiting





14. Once in an enthusiastic mood, the author thought he would take a bus and train to __________ on his way back home





15. The corn on the cob that was roasted on an open stove was served after rubbing it with


(b)Chilli powder


(d)All of the above

16. The streets of Kathmandu were




(d)Both (a) and (b)

17. The shops near the stupa sold bags with

(a)Tiger prints

(b)Tibetan prints

(c)Jaipur prints

(d)Floral prints

18. “…this is a haven of quietness in the busy streets around.” Which place is referred to here?

(a)Kathmandu city

(b)Baudhnath Stupa

(c)Pashupatinath temple

(d)The square near the hotel

19. While roaming around the city, the author took a sip of

(a)Almond milk


(c)Coca Cola

(d)Fruit juice

20. The flute seller played

(a)With attention

(b)With an excessive display


(d)Without any interest

21. In his enthusiastic mind of traveling, the author thought of sailing up

(a)The Yamuna

(b)The Brahmaputra

(c)The Ganges

(d)The Godavari

22. The author drew a comparison of the protrusion of bansuris with the

(a)The flying balloons

(b)The spikes of a cactus

(c)The quills of a porcupine

(d)The hair of a bear

23. The bansuris were made of





24. What were the two kinds of musical instruments made from bamboo as mentioned by the author?

(a)Sitar and cross-flutes

(b)Recorders and cross-flutes

(c)Recorders and whistles

(d)Cross flutes and radios

25. Sometimes the flute seller would take a break and talk to

(a)Another flute seller

(b)A fruit seller

(c)A policeman

(d)The author

26. The flute seller makes sale


(b)Once in two weeks

(c)Once in a month


27. The flute seller plays the flute in such a way that overpowers

(a)Author’s music

(b)The radio music

(c)The noise of traffic

(d)The call of policeman

28. The sound of _______ makes it difficult for the author go away from the square




(d)Songs plying in a radio

29. According to the author, the music of flute is





30. What’s the Japanese form of the flute as mentioned by the author





31. While fighting, one of the monkeys jumped onto

(a)The policeman

(b)The statue of the Nepalese princess


(d)The roof of the temple

32. The monkeys screamed around the temple and down the river of





33. Across the riverside, there is a view of ________ dropped into the river.

(a)Old dried offerings



(d)Food items

34. What protrudes from the stone platform of the riverbank?

(a)A rocky shield

(b)A round pebble

(c)A small shrine

(d)None of the above

35. What was the usual belief about the protrusion coming out from the stone platform of the riverbank?

(a)The evil period of Kaliyugwill finish as soon as the protrusion emerges fully

(b)The evil period of Kaliyug will begin as soon as the protrusion emerges fully

(c)There will be floods as soon as the protrusion emerges fully

(d)There will be pandemics as soon as the protrusion emerges fully

36. The Boudhanath stupa is also known as the

(a)The great temple of Kathmandu

(b)The Buddhist shrine of Kathmandu

(c)The Buddhist community point of Kathmandu

(d)A visitor point for Buddhists in Kathmandu

37. How was the atmosphere of Baudhnath stupa?

(a)Calm and still



(d)Both (b) and (c)

38. The dome of the Boudhanath stupa is




(d)Both (a) and (b)

39. The dome of this stupa is ringed by a




(d)Vast garage

40. Many of the shops around the stupa are mostly owned by

(a)The Nepalese

(b)The Burmese Immigrants

(c)The Tibetan Immigrants

(d)The Bhutanese

41. There are hardly any ________ at the stupa





42. Overall, Kathmandu is a

(a)Poor city

(b)Religious city

(c)City with beaches and oceans

(d)None of the above

43. What is marzipan?

(a)A spicy Nepalese food

(b)A nonveg delicacy

(c)A kind of sweet

(d)A fruit

44. The author indulged himself ___________ into the lively city of Kathmandu





45. Which English magazine did the author refer to in the chapter?

(a)The ABC of Life


(c)Reader’s digest

(d)Ghostly Cow

46. The author was enthusiastic about exploring more places on the way back home, but ultimately resolved to

(a)Take a train back

(b)Take a flight back

(c)Take a bus back

(d)Take a boat back

47. While exploring Kathmandu, the author became




(d)Both (a) and (b)

48. It was already the last day of _________ , when the author planned to go back home





49. Whom did the author see standing in a corner of the square near the hotel?

(a)A musician

(b)A policeman

(c)A flute seller

(d)A fruit seller

50. Approximately how many bansuris could be seen protruding from the hands of the seller near the hotel?






1.(b)Vikram Seth
2. (c)Heaven Lake
3. (a)Mr Shah’s son and nephew
4. (d)Both (a) and (c)
5. (a)Entrance for Hindus only
6. (b)Utterly chaotic
7. (d)The princess of the Nepalese royal house
8. (c)A party of saffron-clad Westerners
9. (c)The policeman was not convinced that they were Hindus
10. (b)Two monkeys
12. (d)5
13. (b)Kathmandu
14. (c)Patna
15. (d)All of the above
16. (d)Both (a) and (b)
17. (b)Tibetan prints
18. (b)Baudhnath Stupa
19. (c)Coca Cola
20. (a)With attention
21.(c)The Ganges
22. (c)The quills of a porcupine
23. (b)Bamboo
24. (b)Recorders and cross-flutes
25. (b)A fruit seller
26. (d)Occasionally
27. (c)The noise of traffic
28. (b)Flute
29. (c)Universal
30. (c)Shakuhachi
32. (c)Bagmati
33. (a)Old dried offerings
34. (c)A small shrine
35. (a)The evil period of Kaliyugwill finish as soon as the protrusion emerges fully
36. (b)The Buddhist shrine of Kathmandu
37. (a)Calm and still
38. (d)Both (a) and (b)
39. (c)Road
40. (c)The Tibetan Immigrants
42. (b)Religious city
43. (c)A kind of sweet
44. (a)Mindlessly
45. (c)Reader’s digest
46. (b)Take a flight back
47. (d)Both (a) and (b)
48. (b)August
49. (c)A flute seller
50. (b)50-60

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