Hard Words : In the Kingdom of Fools Difficult Words in English with Hindi Meaning | Moments | Class 9 | 2023-24 Updated

By | September 22, 2023

In this post, we will dive into the difficult words in English from In the Kingdom of Fools. We’ve simplified hard words, providing their word meaning in English alongside an easy-to-understand Hindi translation. This comprehensive guide ensures that understanding complex terms, even the most English difficult words, becomes more accessible for those studying In the Kingdom of Fools Word Meanings from Moments Class 9.”

Hard Words : In the Kingdom of Fools Page No.19

Kingdom = Realm, dominion (राज्य), Idiots = Foolish people, simpletons (मूर्ख), Run = Manage, operate (चलाना), Ordered = Commanded, directed (आदेश दिया), Awake = Alert, wakeful (जागते), Fields = Farmlands, agricultural lands (खेत), Businesses = Enterprises, trades (व्यापार), Disobeyed = Defied, went against (अवज्ञा की), Punished = Penalized, disciplined (सजा दी गई),

Delighted = Pleased, overjoyed (खुश), Project = Endeavor, task (परियोजना), Guru = Spiritual teacher, master (गुरु), Disciple = Follower, pupil (चेला), Arrived = Reached, appeared (पहुंचा), Astonishment = Amazement, wonder (हैरानी), Duddu = Coin, small money (सिक्का), Rupee = Indian currency, money unit (रुपया), Strangers = Outsiders, unknown people (अजनबी), Groceries = Daily goods, foodstuffs (किराना सामग्री),

Broad daylight = Clear day, full light of the day (दिन में पूरी रोशनी में), Stirring = Moving, awakening (हलना-फलना), Cattle = Domesticated farm animals, livestock (मवेशी), Wandered = Roamed, strolled (घूमना), Business = Occupation, trade (व्यापार), Realised = Understood, recognized (समझा), Stay = Remain, reside (रहना)

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In the Kingdom of Fools Difficult Words in English Page No. 20

Fools = Silly people, unintelligent individuals (मूर्ख), Disciple = Follower, student (चेला), Wisdom = Knowledge, insight (ज्ञान), Ghee = Clarified butter, a type of butter (घी), Street-side = Adjacent to or by the street (सड़क के किनारे), Sacred = Holy, divine (पवित्र),

Bull = A male cow, large animal (सांड), Thief = Robber, burglar (चोर), Merchant = Trader, shopkeeper (व्यापारी), Loot = Stolen goods, plunder (लूट), Collapsed = Fell down, crumbled (गिर पड़ा), Complained = Voiced discontent, grumbled (शिकायत की), Highness = A term for royalty, noble title (महामहिम), Pursuing = Following, engaging in (पालन कर रहा था), Ancient = Very old, from a long time ago (प्राचीन),

Injustice = Unfairness, wrong (अन्याय), Summoned = Called, asked to come (बुलवाया गया), Wrongdoer = Culprit, offender (अपराधी), Compensate = Make amends, repay (मुआवजा देना)

In the Kingdom of Fools Word Meanings Page No. 21

Questioned = Asked, inquired (पूछा), Burgled = Robbed, broke into (चोरी की), Accused = Charged, alleged criminal (आरोपी), Pleads = Begs, requests (गुजारिश करता है), Murdered = Killed unlawfully, assassinated (हत्या की), Helpless = Powerless, without aid (असहाय), Bricklayer = Person who lays bricks (ईंट रखने वाला), Execution = Carrying out a death penalty (फांसी), Pleaded = Begged, made an earnest appeal (प्रार्थना की),

Anklets = Ornaments worn around the ankle (पायल), Jingling = Making a light ringing sound (झंझनाते हुए), Distracted = Took attention away, diverted (ध्यान भटकाया), Dancer = One who dances, performer (नर्तकी), Trembling = Shaking, quivering (कांपती हुई), Complicated = Difficult, complex (जटिल),

Deepens = Becomes more intense or severe (गहरा होना), Merchant = Businessperson, trader (व्यापारी), Summoned = Called for, ordered to appear (बुलाया), Ancient = Very old, from long ago (प्राचीन), Loot = Stolen goods, plunder (लूट)

Good Word Meaning of the Lesson In the Kingdom of Fools in English Page No. 22

Distracted = Unable to concentrate, diverted (ध्यान भटका हुआ), Damned = Cursed, condemned (शापित), Bailiffs = Law enforcement officer, typically associated with a court (क़ानूनी अधिकारी), Hiding = Concealing oneself, staying out of sight (छिपाव), Accusation = Allegation, blaming someone (आरोप),

Jewellery = Ornaments like rings, necklaces, etc. (अभूषण), Merchant = Merchant = Trader, especially dealing with other countries or supplying goods to a specific trade, (व्यापारी), Dancer = A person who dances (नर्तकी), Execution =Doing a plan, order, or action; also, legal killing as punishment  (फांसी), Evidence = Facts or signs that show something exists or is true (सबूत)

English Difficult Words of the Lesson In the Kingdom of Fools Page No. 23

Fallen = Dropped down, descended (गिरा हुआ), Justice = Fairness, righteousness (न्याय), Circle = Complete path or cycle (चक्र), Rudely = Impolitely, discourteously (अभद्रता से), Ruled = Decided, ordered (निर्णय लिया), Inherited = Obtained as heir, received from predecessors (विरासत में प्राप्त),

Root = Cause, origin (मूल कारण), Horrible = Terrible, dreadful (भयानक), Execution = Act of killing as punishment (फाँसी), Appealed = Made a request, entreated (अनुरोध किया), Common sense = Basic intelligence, practical wisdom (सामान्य ज्ञान), Struck = Came to mind, realized (समझ में आया),

Servants = Workers, helpers (नौकर), Sharpened = Made or became sharp (तेज़ किया), Impaling = Sticking onto a pointed object, skewering (चुभाना), Fattened = Made or became fat (मोटा होना), Bananas = A type of fruit (केला), Rice = A type of grain (चावल), Wheat = A cereal grain (गेहूँ), Ghee = Clarified butter used in cooking (घी)

 In the Kingdom of Fools Word Meaning in English Page No. 24

Innocent = Not guilty, free from blame (मासूम), Sanyasi = A religious ascetic, monk (संयासी), Royal decree = Official order issued by the king or monarch (राजा का आदेश), Execution = The act of carrying out a death sentence (निर्वासन), Vision = A supernatural experience in which a person perceives something not present to the senses (दृष्टांत), Magic powers = Supernatural abilities (जादुई शक्तियाँ),

Scrape = A difficult or embarrassing situation (मुश्किल स्थिति), Scolded = Reprimanded or criticized angrily (डांटना), Whisper = Speak very softly (संवाद), Addressed = Spoke to (संबोधन करना), Wisest = Most wise or knowledgeable (सबसे बुद्धिमान), Stake = A strong wooden or metal post; in this context, used for execution (खम्भा)

Chapter 4 In the Kingdom of Fools English to English Word Meaning Page No. 25

Clamour = Noise, outcry (चिल्लाना), Stake = Post, pole (खंभा), Puzzled = Baffled, confused (उलझा हुआ), Mystery = Secret, enigma (रहस्य), Solemn = Serious, earnest (गंभीर), Earshot = Hearing range, audible distance (सुनाई देने वाली दूरी), Reborn = Reincarnated, regenerated (पुनर्जन्म), Ascetic = Monk, hermit (तपस्वी), Postponed = Delayed, put off (स्थगित), Executioners = Killers, beheaders (जल्लाद),

Disguised = Camouflaged, masked (भेष बदला हुआ), Loyal = Faithful, true (वफादार), Prison = Jail, dungeon (जेल), Behave = Act, conduct (व्यवहार करना), Arranged = Organized, set-up (व्यवस्थित), Promptly = Quickly, without delay (तुरंत), Secretly = Stealthily, covertly (चुपके से), Round = Cycle, revolution (चक्र)

Word Meaning English of Kingdom of Fools Page No. 26

Bodies = Physical forms, corpses (लाशें), Thrown = Tossed, discarded (फेंका हुआ), Crows = Black birds, ravens (कौए), Confusion = Disorder, turmoil (उलझन), Caught up = Approached, reached (पकड़ लिया), Preparing = Getting ready, setting (तैयार हो रहे थे), Agreed = Accepted, consented (सहमत होना),

Rule = Govern, manage (शासन करना), Foolish = Unwise, silly (मूर्ख), Silly = Senseless, nonsensical (बेवकूफ़), Condition = Requirement, prerequisite (शर्त), Changed = Modified, altered (बदल दिया), Became = Turned into, transformed (बन गया)